Securus Technologies Pushes Forward In Its Industry

Criminal technology is a very complicated and competitive industry. There are many companies involved with providing services to all of the unique clientele that are available. Securus Technologies established itself in its field several years ago. The company is based in Dallas Texas and specializes in working with corrections agencies, safety organizations and law enforcement bureaus.


Securus Technologies is established throughout the United States as a leading provider in criminal technology. The company began its operation in 1986 and continues to move forward by expanding its base offices from Texas to Atlanta Georgia. There are over 2,600 different contracts within the Securus Technologies operating system. Over 1,000 employees work continuously to satisfy all of the service request.


GovPayNet was acquired by Securus Technologies in order to the help company broaden its reach within the industry of criminal technology. It provides payment services for speeding tickets, parking violations, real estate property tax and court fines. GovPayNet has a working operation that covers 2300 agencies in 35 States. Its territory spreads across 26% of all us counties.


JPay was an acquisition made by Securus Technologies in order to strengthen its relationship with current and future clients. JPay specializes in electronic payments, email and entertainment to correctional facilities throughout the United States. It provides services to state prisons in thirty three different states. JPay’s presence will increase Securus Technologies’ ability to provide all of the needed services to its unique clientele.


Securus Technologies is counting on their new acquisitions to open the doors for an even larger consumer base. Adding JPay and GovPayNet gives the Securus the ability to provide all of the needed services that go into running correctional facilities, law enforcement bureaus and public safety agencies. Corporate leaders at GovPayNet will benefit from having a relationship with a large company such as Securus Technologies. Every resource will be made available to ensure that the merger is successful.


The American Institute of Architects: A Foundation of Integrity

     The AIA has built for itself a legacy based on a standard of ethics, quality, integrity, and a dedication to craftsmanship that was designed from the ground up to improve upon a solid foundation, the mission of any good architect. For over 100 years the AIA has been the standard for the architectural world, teaching new and old students of the discipline alike how to master their talents and abilities.

At the helm of this great institution, Robert Ivy is a Master Architect that has put in the time and has the passion and perseverance to lead the AIA onward to a brighter and brighter future that continues to outshine the previous generation. Started in 1857 by a small group of architects pooling their resources, the AIA has become the American standard for architecture, and is recognized for a number of accolades and awards for their contribution to the discipline as a whole.

The American Institute of Architects has helped to create a standard for the designer community that has grown the profession likely far beyond even the dreams of the AIA founders. Trusted and dedicated architects like Robert Ivy have continued a legacy of greatness that after 100 years seems to show no sign of slowing. From teaching new aspiring architects the ropes, to updating seasoned architects with the latest and greatest techniques, materials, methodologies, and technologies, the AIA is THE standard for quality craftsmanship in the United States when it comes to architectural design.

Robert Ivy, the current CEO of the AIA, has been working hard to ensure that the standards and integrity instilled by the founders remains structurally intact, something he has been well trained to do. With his fortitude and professional network of dedicated architects, it seems that there is no limit to the potential of what the AIA can achieve.

There may come a time in the future when it is no longer necessary to regulate and maintain standards among architects. Perhaps in the future all will automatically maintain a level of professional integrity and quality that requires no oversight, until then however, institutions like the AIA will continue to be a vital part of the infrastructure of the discipline or architecture. Designed by designers, the AIA was made to be as long lasting, influential, and functional as the buildings that they help their members design. The AIA has shown us what is possible when we use the highest standards of ethics, acumen, and integrity.

Learning from the Best – Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is one of the most exceptional economists in the world today. After graduating from the Yale University with a bachelor’s degree in economics, he has worked for decades and gained vast experience on investments and economics in different sectors. He is well known for publishing articles regarding stocks. Sahm Adrangi is also known for positively criticizing the misconceptions held by fraudulent companies and plays a major role as an activist to unveil these evil deeds. He does most of his publications on his personal website. However, he is backed up by other third-party websites interested in his content, such as the Washington Post, BusinessWeek and the New York Times.

In the biotechnology sector, he provided a clear-cut process that was used by some biotechnology companies to become the giants they are in 2018. A good example is the Bavarian Nordic and Sage Therapeutics. As for the economics sector, Sahm Adrangi brought to light the misconceptions practiced by two Chinese companies and helped the Securities and Exchange Commission to gain evidence on these culprits. These Chinese companies were Lihua International and China Marine Food Group. He was also responsible for highlighting the problems that could have been caused by the Terrestrial Low Power Service, which was to be provided by Globalstar. As a result, he helped the Federal Communications Commission to find loopholes in the proposal and find ways to fix them.

After working for other companies for several years, Sahm Adrangi decided to come up with his own investment company called Kerrisdale Capital Management. This company was formed in 2009. Ever since, he has been writing more content regarding the progress and growth of the firm and relates it to the different trends in the market today. Kerrisdale Capital Management now boosts of managing at least $150 million assets as of July 2017.

His first job was with the Deutsche Bank where he worked on high-yield financing as well as coming up with portfolios that focused on leveraging loan debts. He later on joined the Chanin Capital Partners. In this company, he was the man behind restructuring policies that affected out-of-court agreements and settlements as well as cases of bankruptcy. Lastly, he worked for the billion-dollar, credit-oriented hedge fund called Longacre Management. In this firm, he acted in the capacity of an economic analyst.

Fearless Human Rights Advocates Larkin and Lacey

Many Americans assailed the controversial and infamous court decision along with President Donald Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio, the retired notorious Sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona State. By this time, people focus more on the current campaign to promote the rights of minorities in the country, among them Latinos and Hispanic Americans.

Part of the credit should go to Michael Lacey and colleague Jim Larkin who criticized Arpaio’s wanton racial profiling. The Office of Arpaio became tarnished acts of human rights violations, particularly against cultural minorities.

The New Times Publication

Michael Lacey came from Newark, New Jersey but moved west and attended Arizona State University. Lacey, along with two other students published the Phoenix New Times’ initial issue as an expression of disapproval for the conformist position of local media on covering anti-war demonstrations.

Michael served as the paper’s executive editor. His business associate, Jim Larkin took care of the advertising functions.

The aggressive and free publication circulated weekly started to grow. It focused on different national as well as local social and political concerns. The Times gradually gained distinction as one of the leading alternative papers in the United States.

On October of 2007, the unpopular Arpaio ordered the arrest of Jim and Michael for publishing that subpoenas of the grand jury targeted the Phoenix editors, writers, and readers.

Public Disagreement against their Arrest

The apprehension and consequent detention of the two men caused a massive public uproar. The Sheriff’s Office dropped all charges against the duo within one day. The court also overturned the subpoenas which ended the grand jury probe. An investigation disclosed the warrants as fake that a bitter prosecuting attorney issued circumventing legal measures.

The Maricopa County settled the lawsuit against Larkin and Lacey compensating them $3.75 million for all the troubles. The two human rights supporters created their foundation with the goal of giving proceeds from this payment to Latin-Americans within Arizona.

The publication’s founders demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the First Amendment. Their company became known as Village Voice (Media). It established the fearless reputation of an investigative paper along with feature-style of writing common to magazines. Before 2012 ended, the Times earned a readership of nine million every month. The founders decided to see their paper to a group of business persons. The Times also obtained many accolades like the Pulitzer Prize.

Fighting for the Right

Mr. Lacey and Mr. Larkin showed a lot of courage in fighting for a good cause. Their Frontera Fund contributed extensively to the Hispanic and Latin Americans victimized by law enforcers and public officials. On the other end, Joe Arpaio’s pardon and acquittal from the Court shows the power of government and legal entities.

While the former sheriff will not end up in jail, the brave move of the two journalists only indicates that people must always remain on guard against racial profiling and other forms of discrimination. These illegal acts need to stop as one way of demonstrating the American people’s opposition to injustice.

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