Securus Technologies Focused on Making their Drone Detection Technology Available to More Prisons

Drones are emerging as a big problem for the prison industry. They didn’t have fewer problems; now they also have to deal with these small flying nuisances that are constantly trying to breach the prison security. Drones have been for long used to smuggle goods inside the prison such as drugs, weapons, steroids, cell phones, SIM cards and more. The drones are discreet and do not make any sound when flying over the prison and thus, can be easily missed by the correctional officers. Sometimes these drones are flown right near the windows of the cells from where the prisoners can get the illegal items from them. Since these drones are cheap and are easily available, they have become the number one choice for smuggling contraband items inside the prisons.


For so long, prison industry was not serious about the problems that the drones create for them. They thought that they could quickly locate them and stop them without any problem. But, with time these drones have become more advanced, and they have become difficult to catch. The smugglers strap small packages containing the contraband items and hook them on the drones using fishing line. Often the lights of the drones are covered with electrical tape so that they are not visible at night. These are then flown over the walls of the prisons where the inmates grab the packages using broom makeshift hooks or broom handles. For years, the prison authorities have been looking for ways to stop these drones. Visible drones have been shot down or hit with a hammer, but criminals are too finding a way around them. Thus, there is a growing need for technology that can detect any drone flying over the prison and also disable them.


Securus Technologies is an inmate communication company that has been for long investing in new technologies and systems to make prisons safe from smugglers. The company also took over a major government payment services that allowed the inmates to receive funds directly from their loved ones. The company has been the first to install drone detection technology in some prisons across the country to test them. The tests have proved to be excellent so far and are providing 100% success rates. Securus Technology had been testing the new system for the past 18 months, and more prisons have already contacted them to purchase the drone detection technology for their premises.


Recently, Securus Technologies was announced as the winner of the 2018 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. The award is given to those companies who have excelled in customer service and offer excellent training to their sales professionals. It is the third time that the company has won the award at such as a prestigious platform.



Whitney Wolfe Takes Aim at Expanding Bumble with Bumble Bizz for Networking

     Whitney Wolfe, a Southern Methodist University graduate, is CEO of Bumble. Wolfe has created a very interesting company that provides a wide spectrum of platforms for people are interested in networking, making friends and dating.

The 28 yr old Wolfe has proven herself to be a multi-faceted business guru that has many avenues for people to consider if they are trying to explore something new social media that is not Facebook.

Individuals waste hours of their time on Facebook looking at what other people have posted. They find themselves in a place where they are not productive at all. They’re not getting anything done while they are online. What Whitney Wolfe wanted to do with Bumble was create the type of avenue that would allow people to get things done while they have fun socializing. She wanted to create Bumble Bizz because she wanted people to have a chance to have fun while they were online.

Whitney Wolfe is in a place where she is creating more opportunities for people to network, and this is a good thing. It proves that women that are in positions of power have the ability to help others gain positions of power.

Bumble Bizz is not an app platform that is meant strictly for women, but it definitely gives women a better perspective of what they can do if they put their minds to it. She has created a company that has been able to evolve out into different areas of social media. Adding this business aspect to it gives more women a chance to explore their own business ideals.

Sometimes it just takes someone with like mindsets to help you get the confidence that you need to make moves in terms of your own small business. This is what Whitney realized when she was creating Bumble Bizz. She pulled women that had worked and roled as executive recruiters. She put women in place that knew about dating apps when she initially created Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe knew that the best way to be successful would big to create a platform where other women were able to boost their opinions. This is why more than 50% of her company is ran by women. She has a headquarters in Texas, but she also has an office outside of the United States where women are primarily in charge there as well. Bumble Bizz is serious competition for LinkedIn.

How this tech startup is bringing banking to the world

2017 was a major year for cryptocurrency and the blockchain. They were massive gains and incredible losses, what really stood out was just how much blockchain technology had developed and improved into something more useful. Rather than simply using computing power for mining meaning was values and hashes, the cryptocurrency companies of the future will be using this computer power for something more meaningful and productive.


This potential is where Jed McCaleb believes he can change the world. The probably recognize programmer and blockchain expert is most known for his immense contributions to the cryptocurrency world, including his work in establishing Mt. Gox, the world’s first bitcoin exchange. This combined with his experience with eDonkey, the global filesharing platform makes Jed McCaleb a perfect fit for a new distributed computing technology.


Jed McCaleb’s vision of the blockchain goes beyond currency alone. Ultimately, he recognized the blockchain as an open-source distributed database designed to facilitate the transfer of a “currency”. While many imitators are doing the same thing, Jed McCaleb is planning to take this a step further by using this open-source database technology to connect financial institutions in an inefficient and globally standardized way.


The benefit of linking these organizations together is massive. Not only can transactions become more efficient and inexpensive, Stellar’s model can also bring these benefits to the developing world. With more than 2.5 billion unbanked people in the world, there is a clear opportunity to help those in need. Bringing these impoverished people into the digital world will allow them to access the global market, allowing them to produce and sells goods internationally. This opportunity represents a significant chance for the poorest few to create income for themselves and run their own businesses.


What’s most notable about this ambition is that it is completely feasible and the product has been proven to work. Stellar has already been used as financial infrastructure in many businesses and non-profits and is currently on a growth path. There was little reason to assume this cannot be expanded and reduced in price even further for these developing countries.


It’s safe to say that Stellar will keep Jed McCaleb busy for quite some time. It will be interesting to see just what the company is able to do next and how they can better connect people across the world.

Trading With Confidence: An AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade, originally known as AvaFX was founded in 2006 by a dedicated group of financial professionals and web-commerce industry experts. What started as the answer to a need for an all-encompassing virtual experience for retail investment traders grew into a multi-billion dollar company in just eight short years.


The company takes a friendly, user-oriented approach to their methodology, combining a wide variety of trading instruments – including stocks, bond, commodities, Bitcoin, EFTs, and Forex – with 24-hour customer support in multiple languages. AvaTrade provides an environment for all users that is reassuring, easy to use and equipped with the latest tools and information, regardless of a trader’s prior investing experience.


An international online broker, AvaTrade is based in Dublin, Ireland, but the firm has small offices scattered across the world as well regional offices and sales centers in Tokyo, Sydney, Dublin, Milan and Paris. In the 12 years since its creation AvaTrade has expanded its client base to serve over 200,000 online trading accounts, regularly processing more than 2 million transactions every month. At times the brokerage has amassed a total value of over $60 billion, a sign of their commitment to creating a great trading experience and keeping their clientele happy.


AvaTrade is a regulated virtual trading broker, and its actions are overseen by several well-known regulation financial institution providers such as the Central Bank of Ireland, the Financial Services Commission and the Australian Securities & Investments Commission depending on that office’s location. Due to stringent local laws the company conforms to tight rules and regulations at its locations in Japan, being regulated by the Financial Services Agency, Commodities Futures Association of Japan and the Financial Future Association at any given point in time.


Whether just beginning in the online trading world or making your first six-figure investment, AvaTrade is one company that you can not only put your trust in, but be reassured while you’re doing it. From a superior user experience and interface, to their outstanding customer service and support, to their multiple trading instrument options, they’ll make sure the experience is an enjoyable one.

Oxford Club Plans Investments and Strategies

Private investors are looking for investment opportunities around the world. As the stock market continues to be volatile, some investors are looking at new asset classes. The Oxford Club is an investing club comprised of wealthy individuals. Over the past few years, the club has invested in various areas of the world.


Developing nations offer a high return on invested capital. Places like Brazil are expanding economically with new technology.


The Oxford Club also owns real estate across the world. Anyone who wants to join the club must go through a lengthy application process.


Solar Energy

The Oxford Club recently made a significant investment in a small solar energy company. Many of the group members believe that solar energy will be the preferred power source of the future. Solar energy is much less expensive than traditional forms of energy once the infrastructure is built.


Many people want to improve the environment. Some people believe that climate change is the most significant threat the world faces. Numerous Oxford Club members want to make a positive impact on the world through their investments in solar energy.



Another developing industry is mining. Some people wrongly assume that drilling is dangerous and dirty work. However, many mining companies have utilized new technology in recent years to make the extraction process more manageable.


The Oxford Club has a significant stake in a mining company located in Brazil. In the years ahead, the Oxford Club is expected to increase their investments in this industry.


Buying Real Estate

Many real estate markets around the world are improving in value. Investing in real estate is a great way to generate additional income for the club. Many club members made their fortune through real estate. The Oxford Club plans to add a few investment properties this year.

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Cosmetic Professional, Doe Deere; Invokes Color To Spawn Identity Seekers

What You Should Expect From Your Makeup


Your cosmetics should be fun and prompt you to be creative during your morning beauty ritual. More women are looking for all-natural cosmetics because their easier for their natural luster. What good is a mediocre color palette? Doe Deere, professional marketing expert, technology pro, and cosmetic designer, believes in true colors that dare their wearers to find a new identity while being completely unapologetic about their look. Women and men alike, can appreciate cosmetics they can afford, but the exclusive LimeCrime brand by Deere, can be purchased online and conveniently shipped to your door.


How Doe Deere Envisioned Color


Ironically, her idea for color didn’t spawn from actually starting with cosmetics, but rather by design clothes. That’s right; since design school in New York as a young adult, Doe Deere was able to obtain her certification from a popular design school. She understood her passion for colors would take many forms and help her expand on her craft. She never forgot about her love for unconventional colors and it eventually came to fruition through her brief stint in clothing design. She would later birth her cosmetics which quickly became a leading competitor in the cosmetic industry.


Brief Doe Deere Bio:


Doe Deere was born in Russia and started marketing products to her friends as a kid. Her marketing tool;.temporary tattoos. Shortly after popularizing them, they became a must have for her friends. She also loved trying on her mom’s makeup and accessories as a kid, only to decide, she was never completely satisfied with the colors. These were the early stages of her idea of color and how she would later become Unicorn Queen of cosmetics. Deere wasn’t afraid to embark on her passion for unprecedented shades and hues.


Deere told Glamour beauty magazine online her ideas for cosmetics is meant to empower her wearers to go with their passion, despite, what the critics say. She admits, everyone will not see your vision, but yo have to believe in your craft says, Doe Deere. She can remember her naysayers suggesting another line of work, or finding a different craft while her heart was set on colors that quickly became popular among young adults, professional artists, celebrities, and identity seekers alike. Her dream was important to her and she continued to hone on her skills as much as possible until LimeCrime is a million dollar cosmetic brand.


Doe Deere Tackles International Business


The China black-market had a fluctuation of matte cosmetics mimicking the LC cosmetic brand. Their Global Marketing manager immediately made a call to action. Deere decided to introduce the Chinese cosmetic industry that introduces authentic products. Enjoy their exclusive line lipstick shades with cute names to match like Red Velvet or eye-shadow hues to bring out your best features. Their touch-free eye-liner has also been a favorite among her wearers. You can learn more about Doe Deere from her professional LinkedIn account. Become a part of the unique LimeCrime color family today.


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