Jeunesse Global Product Review: Nevo and Mind

Jeunesse Company was founded in 2009 as a cosmetics manufacturing company. Later, the company advanced its research and product development in related fields such as nutritional health. It operates within the Youth Enhancement System (YES) ideology where its products are carefully selected to ensure the optimal skincare system of lotions for both topical as well oral applications. Under the YES philosophy, the company has nine categories of functionality and products including those that rejuvenate, restore, defend, beautify, diminish, energize, enhance, and achieve clarity on the skin, general body stature, and performance. Jeunesse has stood for its philosophy with the development of multiple product lines in the market.


One of the company’s signature products is Nevo. Marketed as a nutritional product, Nevo is a caffeinated energy-enhancement drink that is quite exceptional from the rest in the market. Among the improvements that Jeunesse has made in its energy drink is replacing the caffeine extracted from conventional sources with more advanced and well-researched sources such as green tea, guarana plant extract, and Yerba mate plant extracts. Among the core components of the drink include vitamin C, B-3, 5, 6 and 12 which enhance the body’s immunity among other functions.


Nevo is packaged and marketed as canned juice contained in 50-calorie 269ml cans packaged in packets of 24 cans per packet. It also has various varieties of flavors and tastes including lemon ginger, peach mango, acai grape, and mixed berry. It boasts lacking any artificial sweeteners, and therefore safe for consumption by diabetic persons.


Jeunesse also makes Mind, a dietary supplement that is marketed as a brain capacity enhancer. Mind contains enzyme ingredients such as N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, L-Thiamine, and Gamma-aminobutyric acid. These ingredients are considered as vital to the enhancement of the brain to perform better functions related to improved memory, clarity of thought, and increased concentration spans. The core active functional ingredient in Mind is CERA-Q, a protein extracted from silkworm cocoons. CERA-Q is believed to enhance brain functions and memory greatly. The extract is packaged in jell-form and stored in bottles of 30ml and into packets of 30 bottles.

OSI Food Solutions Doubles Chicken Production and its Presence as a Global Food Supplier

The Mid-West based OSI Food Solutions, which averages $6.1 billion in revenue in recent years is now ramping up chicken production globally. The company, OSI Group, which has been a major supplier for giants such as McDonald’s for decade, has become a prominent name in the food processing and manufacturing industry. In recent years, with major expansions of it’s production and global reach, the company is able to produce more food products than ever before, while spurring employment and keeping a good grip on sustainability.

In 2016 the company bought Tyson Foods’ Chicago based food processing plant for over $7.1 million. According to Kevin Scott, senior executive vice president for OSI North America, the facility will help ramp up production to meet ever-growing customer demand. Another acquisition made by OSI Food Solutions was the purchase of Flagship Europe, a major food processing company that supplies frozen foods, condiments and poultry. In the same year, OSI Food Solutions has also bought out Baho Food, a Dutch food processing manufacturer which supplies snacks, deli meats and other packaged food products. These acquisitions give OSI Food Solutions a greater presence and reach within the Europe market.

In Spain, OSI Food Solutions has doubled its production of chicken products from 12,000 tons a year to over 24,000 tons a year. This is thanks to a new production line and a new processing facility which measures 22,600 square feet. The new production line is helping add more jobs to the market, as well as spur growth in the food sector in Spain. On top of the rampant production, the new facility will boost sustainability greatly due to it’s new equipment which lowers energy consumption by 20%. Aside from sustainability efforts, OSI Food Solutions has maintained good standards and has even won the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. It comes as no surprise why they are in the top 100 privately owned companies in America.

Why Rocketship Education Ranks as the Best in Public Charter Education System

Why Rocketship Education Ranks as the Best in Public Charter Education System

Rocketship Public Schools (RPS) is a non-profit taking network of Charter Schools whose headquarters is based in California’s Redwood City. The duo founders of this organization include John Danner and Preston Smith. After its establishment in 2006, the organization opened their first school a year later, in San Jose, California. As a result of high performing students, the organization emerged as an outstanding alternative for the underprivileged students.

Rocketship education involves a chain of public K-5 college chatter learning institutions providing free education. Over the years until 2012, Rocketship was already running five schools within the San Jose region with an average of 450 students per school. There was a leadership restructuring that happened in 2013 which saw John Danner leave the institution, paving way for Preston Smith to be named the new CEO.

Rocketship education has become more successful over the past years being able to offer free lunch to approximately 90% of the student population. Almost three-quarters of the students speak two or more languages. The organization was able to spread to other regions outside California, opening a school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in August 2013. This move was later quickly followed by another school which opened in Nashville, Tennessee. As if this was not enough, Rocketship education spread to Washington DC in 2016 where it partnered with Apple Tree Institute to provide preschool learning.

Rocketship, under the leadership of Preston Smith, was cleared to open a $14.4 million elementary school in 2017 at Antioch, California. The organization has been running eighteen other schools located in three different states countrywide. The organization focuses its model of learning on the use of a hybrid system that involves individualized online teaching and classroom-based tutoring. Its efforts towards providing quality education to low-income students help in alleviating the achievement gap.

According to a report from the research conducted between 2016 and 2017, almost 86 percent of the student fraternity enrolled for Rocketship Education resided from low-income families, 70 percent of them were taking English classes for the first time. The various products used by Rocketship schools include DreamBox learning, Equatia, I-Ready, TenMarks Math, and Accelerated Reader 360 among others. These learning products coupled with excellent teacher training programs help in controlling the learners during their first years in class.

The Rise Of Bruno Fagali In the Law Industry

     Bruno Fagali is a lawyer by profession. He is also known by the former name of Bruno Jorge Fagali and is one of the rising and leading lawyers of Brazil at the current time. He has added new pattern and dimension to the traditional legal system of the country. He has a degree of Masters in law from the University of Sao Paulo under the Administrative and Anti-corruption law. He also has a certification in Healthcare Compliance from Brazilian Collage of Health. He completed his years of internship from Dom Paulo Office Model which practices in civil law procedures.

Bruno has gained years of experience in the field of Law. He has got the most detailed knowledge regarding the legal system of the nation which makes him a prominent lawyer. Over the years he has had several wins and victories is the most complicated cases and still works hard to improve and grow amongst the other leading lawyers in Brazil. His depth of knowledge and experience is specialized especially in the sector of Administrative Law. Bruno has made an unprecedented and very reputable position in the country’s legal sector for himself.

Ever since he has started of his career as a lawyer he has never stopped the process of learning and growing his knowledge. Over the years he has been involved in various law firms and practiced several different disciplinary law of the legal system. He had been associated with a variety of law firms and worked under the category of several posts and practiced law under those firms for years gaining an immense amount of experience. Bruno is currently practicing law independently via his own law agency called the Fagali Law Firm. He also performed the role of Manager in the firm Nova/SB.

The Lawyer and also the founder of the Fagali Law Firm, Bruno Fagali is an acting lawyer in the Compliance and advisory areas of the public law. He has served multiple times as a Compliance officer for many advertising agencies. Bruno is also an Effective Associate of the Ethics Commission and also a coordinator.

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OSI Industries and Turi Foods

Currently, the OSI Industries is one of the leading food providers worldwide. The company has 20,000 workers and 65 facilities in 17 nations. How the company has grown from its humble beginnings to a central corporate organization is a 20th-century’s significant slice in the history of the American economy. OSI Industries is an organization that is still growing in the ever-changing story of the contemporary, globalized economy. The history of the company is rooted in the experience of the American immigrant. Otto Kolschowsky was then a member of the prosperous Germany immigrant community that was living in Chicago, Illinois. By then Germany immigrants were about a quarter of Chicago’s population. The flourishing city was a center for industry as well as entry points for the Germany immigrants.

In 1909, Otto started a small retail meat butcher and market shop for his community. After a decade, Otto was doing so well that he enlarged business into a wholesale. He moved some of his operations to Maywood, a suburb in Chicago. In the following decade, the company had grown from immigrant, family-based to be rebranded in 1928 as Otto & Sons. The business then rose to become prosperous and stable within the community.

Ray Kroc established the earliest McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines in Illinois in 1955. Before starting this first restaurant, he had had an agreement with the sons of Otto to be the suppliers of fresh beef to the McDonald’s restaurant. As the McDonald group grew so was the Otto & Sons. It was the Otto & Sons that was supplying all the local restaurants of McDonald. Otto & Sons then went through a transition to become the international organization OSI Industries.

OSI and Turi Foods Merge

OSI Industries has merged with Turi Foods to form Turosi Pty Ltd. This merge that is 50/50 will bring to board the Australian poultry farming expertize from Turi Foods with the OSI Industries’ scale and reach to enable Turosi to offer a complete range of food solutions to the market arena. OSI and Turi Foods will continue to run their operations differently while more processed products will continue being manufactured at Victoria’s Broadmeadows. Turi Foods is a family-owned business that is one of the leading poultry processors in Australia. The company supplies poultry products to quick service restaurants, major supermarket, butcher shops, specialty chicken retailers, and roast chicken outlets. OSI is a privately-owned company that supplies protein food solutions to foodservice markets, major quick-service restaurants, and retail outlets in the Asia-Pacific region.

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