OSI Industries and Turi Foods

Currently, the OSI Industries is one of the leading food providers worldwide. The company has 20,000 workers and 65 facilities in 17 nations. How the company has grown from its humble beginnings to a central corporate organization is a 20th-century’s significant slice in the history of the American economy. OSI Industries is an organization that is still growing in the ever-changing story of the contemporary, globalized economy. The history of the company is rooted in the experience of the American immigrant. Otto Kolschowsky was then a member of the prosperous Germany immigrant community that was living in Chicago, Illinois. By then Germany immigrants were about a quarter of Chicago’s population. The flourishing city was a center for industry as well as entry points for the Germany immigrants.

In 1909, Otto started a small retail meat butcher and market shop for his community. After a decade, Otto was doing so well that he enlarged business into a wholesale. He moved some of his operations to Maywood, a suburb in Chicago. In the following decade, the company had grown from immigrant, family-based to be rebranded in 1928 as Otto & Sons. The business then rose to become prosperous and stable within the community.

Ray Kroc established the earliest McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines in Illinois in 1955. Before starting this first restaurant, he had had an agreement with the sons of Otto to be the suppliers of fresh beef to the McDonald’s restaurant. As the McDonald group grew so was the Otto & Sons. It was the Otto & Sons that was supplying all the local restaurants of McDonald. Otto & Sons then went through a transition to become the international organization OSI Industries.

OSI and Turi Foods Merge

OSI Industries has merged with Turi Foods to form Turosi Pty Ltd. This merge that is 50/50 will bring to board the Australian poultry farming expertize from Turi Foods with the OSI Industries’ scale and reach to enable Turosi to offer a complete range of food solutions to the market arena. OSI and Turi Foods will continue to run their operations differently while more processed products will continue being manufactured at Victoria’s Broadmeadows. Turi Foods is a family-owned business that is one of the leading poultry processors in Australia. The company supplies poultry products to quick service restaurants, major supermarket, butcher shops, specialty chicken retailers, and roast chicken outlets. OSI is a privately-owned company that supplies protein food solutions to foodservice markets, major quick-service restaurants, and retail outlets in the Asia-Pacific region.

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