The Rise Of Bruno Fagali In the Law Industry

     Bruno Fagali is a lawyer by profession. He is also known by the former name of Bruno Jorge Fagali and is one of the rising and leading lawyers of Brazil at the current time. He has added new pattern and dimension to the traditional legal system of the country. He has a degree of Masters in law from the University of Sao Paulo under the Administrative and Anti-corruption law. He also has a certification in Healthcare Compliance from Brazilian Collage of Health. He completed his years of internship from Dom Paulo Office Model which practices in civil law procedures.

Bruno has gained years of experience in the field of Law. He has got the most detailed knowledge regarding the legal system of the nation which makes him a prominent lawyer. Over the years he has had several wins and victories is the most complicated cases and still works hard to improve and grow amongst the other leading lawyers in Brazil. His depth of knowledge and experience is specialized especially in the sector of Administrative Law. Bruno has made an unprecedented and very reputable position in the country’s legal sector for himself.

Ever since he has started of his career as a lawyer he has never stopped the process of learning and growing his knowledge. Over the years he has been involved in various law firms and practiced several different disciplinary law of the legal system. He had been associated with a variety of law firms and worked under the category of several posts and practiced law under those firms for years gaining an immense amount of experience. Bruno is currently practicing law independently via his own law agency called the Fagali Law Firm. He also performed the role of Manager in the firm Nova/SB.

The Lawyer and also the founder of the Fagali Law Firm, Bruno Fagali is an acting lawyer in the Compliance and advisory areas of the public law. He has served multiple times as a Compliance officer for many advertising agencies. Bruno is also an Effective Associate of the Ethics Commission and also a coordinator.

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