Sheldon Lavin: The World’s Best Food Service Leader

If you want a person to step up and help to maintain quality in your food, Sheldon Lavin is the leader to hire. OSI Group has produced the most food over the course of the years. Ranging from advanced department stores to food marts, Lavin makes sure that consumers get the best products for their money. With that on file, OSI Group illustrates exactly what to expect in a food business. A case in point, McDonald’s asked to be in contract with OSI. As the orders racked in, Sheldon Lavin grew stronger as a leader within the company. Increasingly, OSI group maintains employees internationally, which seem to be promoted on a daily basis. Within 17 countries, the practical evidence of great food has exemplified throughout OSI Group’s work.

Located in two countries, OSI Group has taken over China and the United States. Sheldon Lavin believes in testing every product prior to shelving or storing in coolers. The food producers never violate the practice of great food handling and beef safety. OSI Group believes that people around the world should hear about the excellent labor that springs forth from their innovations. Sheldon Lavin knows that OSI works to keep the greenhouse preservation supervised for future endeavors. The forestry work produces clean water and food for livestock. Lately, OSI Group has been researching and moving forward with vegetation in California.

This produces salsa and a chance for Sheldon Lavin to improvise the machinery needed to produce such high grade of food. As a result from all of their hustle, OSI Group has a facility used to process beef and pork only. The facility is located in the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, Sheldon Lavin has been receiving award after award for great work with the use of sterile guidelines. In 2016, Sheldon claimed the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award for best productivity in food service. Today, Sheldon holds the position of the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group.

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