OSI Group McDonald’s And The McDonald’s Company

OSI Group McDonalds is a company that deals with the processing of meat products and supplies meat products to various food processing companies. Among the companies that have benefited from the fresh meat products of OSI group is McDonald’s company.

Since OSI Group McDonalds was founded, the company has greatly developed and has become a major meat supplier for McDonald’s company. OSI started as a small family meat market and was run by Otto Kolschowsky. Later on, it developed to become a wholesale meat market and the whole business was taken to Chicago. It managed to build a great reputation for itself due to the fresh meat products it supplied to its customers.

Because of this, many people greatly appreciated the company and soon expanded. Later on, in 1955, McDonald’s company was successful in opening a restaurant close to OSI Group meat market. OSI Group McDonalds saw this as a golden opportunity to expand its business and after a while, the company started to supply meat products to McDonald’s company. It supplied them with fresh beef patties and after a while, it became one of the major meat suppliers of McDonald’s company. OSI Group McDonalds became very successful and soon it became the main meat supplier of McDonald’s company.

The company has further formed many partnerships with other companies which have greatly boosted the company’s income. OSI Group McDonalds joined hands with General Milling Corporation and Alaska Milk Corporation and together they founded GenOSI which is based in the Philippines. In addition to that, it established a meat processing company in Beijing in China and managed to penetrate the Indian market when it created Vista Processed Foods.

To boost its poultry meat products, the company acquired Padley Poultry and Dove Valley and Amick Farms and greatly contributed to the increase in the production of poultry products. OSI Group McDonald’s has recorded rapid growth since it was founded. David McDonald has also played a major role in the development of OSI Group McDonald. The company has managed to become popular and is one of the leading food industries in the world.

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