The Diversity Behind Sussex Healthcare’s Operations

A business can not exist without the demand from a loyal consumer base. Sussex Healthcare has spent over two decades building a positive reputation with the community in the southern European region. They provide a wide range of assets and resources like no other in the industry, due to the unique background of its founders. The facility has a primary focus on adults and elderly with long term mental health issues. They provide effective treatment options, and living options for patients who need to monitored for extended periods of time. In a recent Medical Daily Times article, the company expands on the origin of its success.

Sussex Healthcare trains its nurses and doctors extensively in patient care. They want each individual who comes through their doors to have a satisfying experience, and leave with the issue solved. It has an unlikely pair of co-founders who established this mindset to the business. Shiraz Boghani spent years working in the hotel history, where customer satisfaction is more vital than ever. He refined his approach to universal hospitality for whomever the client happened to be. At the same time, Shafik Sachedina has the medical experience. He obtained degrees and experience in the density industry before heading to his present venture. The combined insight brings a unique spectrum of experience.

However, their combined experience can only so far in keeping Sussex Healthcare a successful business. They need a diverse range of voices to stay on top of the current trends, and spawn unique innovate approaches. In early 2018 they hired Amanda Morgan-Taylor as CEO. As a younger individual, she brings a renewed insight into her patient and doctor interactions should be structured The business also boasts his diversity of opinions among the bored members. They are well ahead of the curve in representation among the work force.

Sussex Healthcare is revolutionary facility for community. They have the resources and facilities to give its patients the exact care they need, in the manner the individual wishes. The top voices in the company are strongly aware of the service a patient desires to experience here.

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