A Brief Biography of Dr. Alddo Molinar

An attending anesthesiologist at the Ohio Valley Medical Center and the East Ohio Regional Hospital, Alddo Molinar was born and raised in Texas. He is the eldest son of two immigrants from Mexico and the first United States citizen in his expanded family, this along with residing in a new country he expects to excel utilizing available opportunities. Alddo Molinar explains that it was a given that the soon to be doctor had the know-how on making good on that expectation. With the ability to learn quickly, he was able to surpass many development landmarks ahead of his peers. 


He was able to accomplish exceptionally harder projects due to his mechanical propensity acquired early on by disassembling and reassembling appliances to get a greater understanding of how they worked. Alddo Molinar tragically lost both his grandmother and grandfather to cancer. This unfortunate turn of events guided his natural propensity towards medical school in order to utilize his ability to soothe the suffering of individuals. Making that choice pointed him towards the University of Texas Southwestern at Dallas, where Alddo Molinar earned his medical degree and eventually to the distinguished Cleveland Clinic where he completed his residency.


Alddo Molinar and Mental Healthcare


He not only received the greatest quality of training from this residency, but also crossed paths with the one person who would change his life from that point on, his wife. The two maneuvered through residency at the Cleveland Clinic together following a courtship. Alddo Molinar adds that shortly thereafter they married and eventually gave birth to a son and two daughters. He considers his extremely close family his new team, displaying the affection his family and he have generated at their residence.


In November 2020 he founded Alddo Molinar Anesthesia Consultants LLC and is currently president. For over 25 years the specialized anesthesiologist and critical care medicine expert has been practicing anesthesia and under his care has completed over 10,000 surgeries. When thinking back over his life, Dr. Alddo Molinar mentions that what he originally thought of as everything to have been accomplished turns out to be a continual adventure. An adventure founded on beliefs he studied from an early age and remains to guide him throughout his course of self improvement.

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