Brandon Taubman Forges Ahead in Data Analytics

Being able to transition from one career field to another is not always an easy task for everyone. However, with Brandon Taubman, he makes it look very easy because of his long time within data analytics. He knows how to incorporate methodical methods within each choice he makes. Within his many years of data science experience, Brandon Taubman can easily slide into leadership among real estate, finances, and sports. Learn more

Creating a Foundation within Data Science

It is evident that Brandon Taubman is driven by data science. It is considered his catalyst in every pursuit he seeks. Throughout his life Brandon has had a fascination with equations and different formulas.

Because of this, Brandon attended Cornell University and obtained his Bachelor´s degree majoring in both Management and Applied Economics.

On an official level, Taubman was intrigued by the many theories presented by economics and the many decisions that could be made because of its trends. With data models backing the decisions made, this made it an even more popular skill to have on several levels. Although many consider this to be associated best with either tax or accounting methods, Brandon Taubman decided to make a career within data and speculations.

With that, Taubman ventured to Wall Street where he valued equity and credit for a variety of financial companies such as Barclays Capital. While there, he was able to provide analytics on a predictive level covering the management of portfolios. He was able to shine within many areas and easily blended with the changes that allowed him to reduce risk. These risks were dependent upon the needs of a creditor and debtor and affected the way the selling or purchasing of commodities were made.

Brandon continues to find success within the field of applied analytics spanning across many financial avenues.

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