Brandon Taubman Gravitated Formulas and Equations at an Early Age to Bring Clarity On School Work and Hobbies

Maneuvering across various industries has always been seen as a haphazard career path. But Brandon Taubman has a different view on the same. He asserts that in every decision there is a methodical approach. His sentiments can be derived from his career path to the daily tasks he undertakes to pursue every role. Brandon possesses close to two decades of intensive experience in data science thus has an inherent capability to swivel into management positions in property portfolio management, sport management, and investment banking. “Data drives Taubman “is the most popular ideology in his personal and professional pursuits.

The unique characteristics in the way he executed his pursuits were evident in his tender age. As a young boy, Brandon Taubman would spend a significant amount of his time gravitating equations and formulas that would later bring lucidity to school work, hobbies, and decision-making. To sharpen his skills, Brandon was admitted to the prominent Cornell University where he pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Economics and Management. Formally, he was intrigued by how numerical economic theories could navigate threads in decision-making. At that time majority of industries, more so financial services were seeking to recruit people with the in-demand skill of practical decision-making supported by data models.

After finishing his education at the university, Brandon Taubman took to Wall Street in the quest to value complex equity and credit derivatives for multiple firms such as Ernst & Young and Barclays Capital. These are roles that required predictive analytics and huge volumes of modeling to justify variables in portfolio leadership. Brandon Taubman performed exemplary well at factoring in a series of market forces in an unstable economy to moderate investment risk. Depending on different scenarios and debtor or creditor needs, goods are bought, traded, and sold for different premiums and risks.

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