The CAO of InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides opens up about her life

IdeaMensch is one of the top crowdsourced entrepreneurs and business personalities interview platform. The primary objective of this platform sharing the stories of these entrepreneurs and business personalities to help other entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. Recently this platform invited the CAO of InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides to share her life story and her path to success. During this interview, Kokkinides covered several critical issues about her personal and career life.

How to make the day productive

Penelope Kokkinides pointed out that none of her days is the same when she was asked about how her typical day looks like. She said that each of her days is different and this to her is a big motivator at it keeps her on her toes. This InnovaCare CAO told that she is always trying to find new ways to make her day more productive. She always focuses on getting as much as possible done on the little time that she has. Additionally, she also creates some time to let of some steam and have some peace of mind. Penelope said that this practice always helps her stay in her best possible form throughout the day. The InnovaCare Health CAO also added that she always makes sure that she has enough juice to power her phone and tablet by having a portable charger. This means that she can be productive even when away from the office.

How to bring ideas to life

 Penelope Kokkinides pointed out that throughout her career, great teamwork has always resulted to success in bringing ideas to life. A good team can easily work together to achieve even the toughest of goals. This InnovaCare Health CAO pointed out that it’s very important for every entrepreneur to pick their team wisely as a poor choice can easily lead to failure.

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health is a company that provides comprehensive health covers and health insurance to its clients to help them meet their medical needs. This company also dedicates some of its resources to promoting the emotional and mental well-being of its patients. InnovaCare has established itself as one of the top managed healthcare services providers in North America. This company has dedicated itself to creating cost-efficient and sustainable healthcare models. This is achieved to the company’s innovative solutions for fully integrating healthcare with advanced technologies. InnovaCare Health is known for its unique approach of putting the patient first.

Hussain Sajwani – DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani, a national of the United Arab Emirates, is the founder and president of the global real estate development company DAMAC property. From modest beginnings, the food department has grown from strong and is now a market leader in more than 200 designs and serves more than 150,000 meals every day in a series of markets, such as the mid-eastern, African, and CIS.

DAMAC properties, a company belonging to Hussain Sajwani, boasts about the fact that it is among the most important real estate developers in the center.

Working in the financial departments of a major corporation was the most important role that Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) has ever completed. Hussain Sajwani, one of the most influential Arabs in the world, and the tycoon plans to build hotel gateway in all the big world.

As DAMAC’s sales force continues to be optimistic about the real estate market in Dubai, as it is continuing its work on its mega projects and the ever-expanding wallet of hotel and service-oriented flats, which are now about 30 percent of the sale.

DAMAC Owner Sajwani discloses few details, but it suggests that the mega-development of the houses will not be the latest in the city of the city in the city of the city, as it is looking at the latest developments and the acquisition of land.

Excellent news, the Future Foundation of Dubai has simply signed a completely different note of understanding with the city center of the Ajmen Cultural Center X, in collaboration with the comical stamp of the sheik kingdom of the kind for the code of the millions of Arabic encoders.

Although Sajwani began his professional career in Abu Dhabi’s Gas Industries, it was not long before he began his own company, the world’s logistics service, which was expected to be one of the largest catering companies in the area. Since the Sajwani had previously had successful companies, including an insurer in Bahrain and a ceramic plant in Oman, he had a lot of money to make a real estate investment.

Sajwani on Instagram:

Sheldon Lavin: The World’s Best Food Service Leader

If you want a person to step up and help to maintain quality in your food, Sheldon Lavin is the leader to hire. OSI Group has produced the most food over the course of the years. Ranging from advanced department stores to food marts, Lavin makes sure that consumers get the best products for their money. With that on file, OSI Group illustrates exactly what to expect in a food business. A case in point, McDonald’s asked to be in contract with OSI. As the orders racked in, Sheldon Lavin grew stronger as a leader within the company. Increasingly, OSI group maintains employees internationally, which seem to be promoted on a daily basis. Within 17 countries, the practical evidence of great food has exemplified throughout OSI Group’s work.

Located in two countries, OSI Group has taken over China and the United States. Sheldon Lavin believes in testing every product prior to shelving or storing in coolers. The food producers never violate the practice of great food handling and beef safety. OSI Group believes that people around the world should hear about the excellent labor that springs forth from their innovations. Sheldon Lavin knows that OSI works to keep the greenhouse preservation supervised for future endeavors. The forestry work produces clean water and food for livestock. Lately, OSI Group has been researching and moving forward with vegetation in California.

This produces salsa and a chance for Sheldon Lavin to improvise the machinery needed to produce such high grade of food. As a result from all of their hustle, OSI Group has a facility used to process beef and pork only. The facility is located in the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, Sheldon Lavin has been receiving award after award for great work with the use of sterile guidelines. In 2016, Sheldon claimed the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award for best productivity in food service. Today, Sheldon holds the position of the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group.

Jeunesse Global Product Review: Nevo and Mind

Jeunesse Company was founded in 2009 as a cosmetics manufacturing company. Later, the company advanced its research and product development in related fields such as nutritional health. It operates within the Youth Enhancement System (YES) ideology where its products are carefully selected to ensure the optimal skincare system of lotions for both topical as well oral applications. Under the YES philosophy, the company has nine categories of functionality and products including those that rejuvenate, restore, defend, beautify, diminish, energize, enhance, and achieve clarity on the skin, general body stature, and performance. Jeunesse has stood for its philosophy with the development of multiple product lines in the market.


One of the company’s signature products is Nevo. Marketed as a nutritional product, Nevo is a caffeinated energy-enhancement drink that is quite exceptional from the rest in the market. Among the improvements that Jeunesse has made in its energy drink is replacing the caffeine extracted from conventional sources with more advanced and well-researched sources such as green tea, guarana plant extract, and Yerba mate plant extracts. Among the core components of the drink include vitamin C, B-3, 5, 6 and 12 which enhance the body’s immunity among other functions.


Nevo is packaged and marketed as canned juice contained in 50-calorie 269ml cans packaged in packets of 24 cans per packet. It also has various varieties of flavors and tastes including lemon ginger, peach mango, acai grape, and mixed berry. It boasts lacking any artificial sweeteners, and therefore safe for consumption by diabetic persons.


Jeunesse also makes Mind, a dietary supplement that is marketed as a brain capacity enhancer. Mind contains enzyme ingredients such as N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, L-Thiamine, and Gamma-aminobutyric acid. These ingredients are considered as vital to the enhancement of the brain to perform better functions related to improved memory, clarity of thought, and increased concentration spans. The core active functional ingredient in Mind is CERA-Q, a protein extracted from silkworm cocoons. CERA-Q is believed to enhance brain functions and memory greatly. The extract is packaged in jell-form and stored in bottles of 30ml and into packets of 30 bottles.

Manaira Shopping is a Great Place Set Up By Roberto Santiago For Various Cultures

Roberto Santiago has a creative eye that he used when setting up Manaira Shopping. When he founded the mall back in 1989, he had a lot of plans with this mall. One thing that has kept him ahead of the other malls is that he had plans to expand this mall on a regular basis. He did not just want to build a place where people go shopping. He wanted people to have an experience that they would remember. Therefore, he would look at other malls in order to see what he can do differently. Therefore, the shops of every industry are unique from one another.


Manaira Shopping is a place that is meant for people of all walks of life. It shows in the type of facilities they put up. Among the establishments that are in the mall is a school campus. Therefore, people can go to the mall to take classes and get an education. Other features that people get from Manaira Shopping are cultural displays. People can actually get a glimpse of other cultures throughout the world. One of the best things about this is that people can get an education about the different customs, norms and even fashion of the cultures.


Manaira Shopping is one of the best places for unity. People come to the mall to not only shop but also learn acceptance of people that may be different. They also have seasonally appropriate items that people can use so that they will be able to enjoy themselves while experiencing the weather of the season.


People can learn many things from one another with Manaira Shopping. One thing that Roberto Santiago had in mind when it came to Manaira Shopping is education. He wanted people to have a platform they can use to enrich their minds. In order to do this, he looked to one of the favorite activities of society. He used the shopping mall to help the people experience something that can open their minds to the various aspects of life. One thing that Manaira Shopping celebrates is art and expression of self.


Fearless Human Rights Advocates Larkin and Lacey

Many Americans assailed the controversial and infamous court decision along with President Donald Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio, the retired notorious Sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona State. By this time, people focus more on the current campaign to promote the rights of minorities in the country, among them Latinos and Hispanic Americans.

Part of the credit should go to Michael Lacey and colleague Jim Larkin who criticized Arpaio’s wanton racial profiling. The Office of Arpaio became tarnished acts of human rights violations, particularly against cultural minorities.

The New Times Publication

Michael Lacey came from Newark, New Jersey but moved west and attended Arizona State University. Lacey, along with two other students published the Phoenix New Times’ initial issue as an expression of disapproval for the conformist position of local media on covering anti-war demonstrations.

Michael served as the paper’s executive editor. His business associate, Jim Larkin took care of the advertising functions.

The aggressive and free publication circulated weekly started to grow. It focused on different national as well as local social and political concerns. The Times gradually gained distinction as one of the leading alternative papers in the United States.

On October of 2007, the unpopular Arpaio ordered the arrest of Jim and Michael for publishing that subpoenas of the grand jury targeted the Phoenix editors, writers, and readers.

Public Disagreement against their Arrest

The apprehension and consequent detention of the two men caused a massive public uproar. The Sheriff’s Office dropped all charges against the duo within one day. The court also overturned the subpoenas which ended the grand jury probe. An investigation disclosed the warrants as fake that a bitter prosecuting attorney issued circumventing legal measures.

The Maricopa County settled the lawsuit against Larkin and Lacey compensating them $3.75 million for all the troubles. The two human rights supporters created their foundation with the goal of giving proceeds from this payment to Latin-Americans within Arizona.

The publication’s founders demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the First Amendment. Their company became known as Village Voice (Media). It established the fearless reputation of an investigative paper along with feature-style of writing common to magazines. Before 2012 ended, the Times earned a readership of nine million every month. The founders decided to see their paper to a group of business persons. The Times also obtained many accolades like the Pulitzer Prize.

Fighting for the Right

Mr. Lacey and Mr. Larkin showed a lot of courage in fighting for a good cause. Their Frontera Fund contributed extensively to the Hispanic and Latin Americans victimized by law enforcers and public officials. On the other end, Joe Arpaio’s pardon and acquittal from the Court shows the power of government and legal entities.

While the former sheriff will not end up in jail, the brave move of the two journalists only indicates that people must always remain on guard against racial profiling and other forms of discrimination. These illegal acts need to stop as one way of demonstrating the American people’s opposition to injustice.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Make the List of Civil Rights Protectors