Paul Mampilly Broadens His Horizons

Today, Paul Mampilly works as a senior editor with Banyan Hill Publishing, providing sound investment advice to “Main Street” Americans through his newsletters, Profits Unlimited, True Momentum, and Extreme Fortunes. Prior to joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly worked as an analyst and hedge fund manager for some of the premier financial institutions on Wall Street. Since leaving his former career in 2016, Mr. Mampilly has parlayed his intricate understanding of the markets, into a bustling service that has amassed a readership of more than 60,000 subscribers. Still an active investor, he doesn’t consider himself to be retired, despite the changes regarding his new career path.

Born in a rural town in India, Paul Mampilly relocated to Dubai in 1974 – a decision made by his father, who was seeking to find more lucrative career opportunities. Despite some pushback from his peers, this proved to be the correct decision, as Dubai had recently discovered oil underneath the land, and Paul Mampilly’s father quickly carved out a profitable stake in the budding industry. By 1986, Mr. Mampilly had enrolled at Montclair State University, where he pursued a degree in business administration. He would later enroll at Fordham University, earning a master of business administration degree.

Soon after completing his undergraduate studies, Paul Mampilly began his career on Wall Street, working for Bankers Trust, which was later acquired by Deutsche Bank. During his Wall Street career, he would work as a research analyst with ING, and later, as a hedge fund manager with Kinetics Asset Management. Prior to joining Kinetics Asset Management, the hedge fund was valued at $6 billion, but during his tenure, Mr. Mampilly was able to use his sharp investing acumen to raise the value to over $25 billion. This feat was especially significant considering that he accrued a 43 percent rate of return during the recession. Today, as an independent investor, he continues to utilize the skills learned on Wall Street, often spending twelve to fourteen hours a day researching potential stocks to invest in and suggest to his subscription base.

Investor Relations Expert Gareth Henry

There are a select few people throughout the corporate world that have unique skills that are extremely hard to find. Gareth Henry is an investing expert that has a special skill that has made him a prominent figure in his industry. Rather than getting a degree in economics or finances to become an investor, Gareth Henry earned a degree in actuarial mathematics from the University of Edinburgh. This degree might seem odd for an investor, but it is actually very beneficial for Gareth because he is able to statistically plan out his goals and assess the risk vs reward for everything he does. Gareth’s most impressive skill isn’t that he is a mathematical investor, however, but rather that he is an expert investing communicator. See more of Gareth Henry on facebook

Gareth’s understanding of finances, economics, risk management, and relationships has made him a sought-after financial expert. Over the years, Gareth has worked for various well-known investment companies, which he even moved to the United States to take part in when he had the opportunity. Fortress Investment Group made a huge impact on Gareth’s career, not just through his successful position at the company, but it opened new doors for him as he built his reputation as a capable investor. While he was at Fortress, he was managing a hedge fund of nearly 4 billion dollars through their investor relations sector.

Fortress Investment Group was able to expand their global operations thanks to the work done by Gareth Henry until he eventually left the firm in 2015. This move was to build up his portfolio as a financial expert, rather than staying with the same company for his whole career. Today, Gareth Henry is working at another investment agency, Angelo Gordon, where he currently maintains the position of Head of International Relations and partner. Angelo Gordon manages more than 26 billion dollars in assets, from real estate to private equity.

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OSI Food Solutions Breaking Into the Global Market

OSI Buys Flagship Europe

Flagship Europe is a company located in the United Kingdom that caters to the food market in that area. Flagship Europe can be termed as the leading food processing plant in Europe, and it has so many products that it sells to its clients. Some of these products include mayonnaise, salad dressing, pies, and frozen poultry. Flagship Europe is under the Flagship Food Group Franchise, and OSI Food Solutions recently purchased it from them. Russell Maddock who serves as the chief executive officer of Flagship Europe was very excited about this purchase as it will bring a lot of new opportunities for both industries. Maddock stated that OSI would bring a lot of networking opportunities for Flagship Europe as it has solid ties, especially in the global market.

OSI Food Solutions is a global company that has made it in the global market, and Flagship Europe will be able to use this to its advantage. This way Flagship Europe can strengthen its position in the global market as well. OSI also has a huge customer base that Flagship Europe can add to its market. The number of customers that OSI is bringing along with the purchase will greatly benefit Flagship Europe by broadening it and allowing development. Also, OSI will benefit by finding a clientele base in Europe which is something they did not have. In overall, the purchase of Flagship Europe by OSI will give room for further development and networking for both of the companies.

OSI and British Safety Council

OSI Food Solutions has always made relentless efforts to conserve their environment and recently, they were recognized by the British Safety Council for their continuous efforts. The British Safety Council makes it a point every year to award organizations that have preserved, managed and conserved their environment. This year, OSI Food Solutions was privileged to receive the award. OSI was grateful for the gesture and stated that they were happy their efforts were being noticed and awarded. OSI will continue managing their environment as they know it is important for the betterment of the future.

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