ClassDojo Helps In Connecting Parents And Teachers For Enhanced Student Education Experiences

In the wake of technological advancement, a lot of education-related apps are making their names known to schools, teachers, and students. There are apps that help in teaching a particular subject such as teaching a new word, a new language, or a new process from a science class. A lot of apps are simplifying the way to teach mathematics and science in schools.

There are also apps that help teachers connect with parents outside the classroom during the day. One example of a classroom app is ClassDojo, a virtual classroom app where teachers, students, and parents can interact with each other. It has a lot of features that help all parties achieve one goal: helping young students in their educational needs.

With apps like ClassDojo, you wouldn’t hear the answer “Nothing” from your child if you ask what did he or she did in school. You wouldn’t even need to ask your child what happened to school because you would know immediately. ClassDojo has a lot of features that help both teachers and parents communicate with each other.

A teacher can take a picture during activity and share it to parents. With the app, teachers can also inform parents about school matters, schedules, emergencies etc. The app also helps in motivating children to study more. ClassDojo has a feature that lets the teacher award points to students who excelled in lessons. Children can earn (or lose) their points based on how they behave in the classroom. Points can be used for a lot of things, such as bringing a toy or having lunch with the teacher. Because of its game-like structure, students are motivated to study more and earn points.

Parents can choose to be notified about their child’s achievements via a push notification. They can also know if something happened in school. With the recordings of class lectures and activities, parents can also know where their child excel an where they need improvement. Additionally, parents would feel more secure if they can see their child in the classroom and not anywhere else.

ClassDojo is being used by 70% of Canadian elementary schools and it’s not hard to see why. It is easy to set up, has a lot of features, and most of all, it is free. It was released in 2011 and is available for 35 languages.