Dr. David Samadi’s Sunday Housecall Show Expected To Boost Viewer’s Health

The month of September came with good news for Health programs television viewers. This is after Dr. David Samadi, the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hospital, announced the launch of his new health show dubbed Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi.

The program is expected to give viewers fascinating and informative insights on healthcare matters that range from the latest trends in the medical field and treatments for different ailments. Sunday Housecall will be available online on various channels including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Viewers can also live-stream the show on DrSamadiTV.com.

Dr. Samadi’s show is likely to command a significant number of viewers who are expected to increase progressively after the launch of the program. Sunday Housecall will attract high-ranking speakers and guests from the medical profession and health wellness industry. The panelists will shed light on a range of health topics that have an overall effect on the proper functioning of the human body. Besides informing viewers on proper health practices, the guests will also give satisfying answers to viewers who might have pressing questions concerning their health. Sexual health issues affecting both men and women will form part of the discussions of the show. Common diseases, prostate health, healthy eating and exercise are other health matters that will take center-stage in the program.

The interesting part of the show is that it is broadcasted live; this means that viewers will have a chance to get an expert opinion regarding their questions from either Dr. Samadi or invited specialists. Questions can be forwarded through E-mail and telephone during or after the broadcast. Guest speakers will consist of professionals in the medical field who have shown outstanding performance in coming up with innovative health products that have disrupted the medical industry. In addition, those who have had significant contribution to medical academia will have a chance of being speakers of the Sunday Housecall Show.

Dr. David Samadi attended Stony Brook University for his undergraduate studies where he earned a Degree in Biochemistry. He also holds an M.D. from Stony Brook Medical School and two post-graduate training in Proctology.

Dr. David Samadi launched his medical career at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Afterwards, he shifted to Mt. Sinai School of Medicine to become the Vice Chair of the Department of Urology and later the Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery. In 2013, Dr. Samadi moved to Lenox Hill Hospital where he currently holds the position of Chief of Robotic Surgery and the Chair of Urology.