Looking At The Most Attractive Male Leaders And Funniest Mafia Nicknames Of All Time


Who Are The Hottest Male Leaders Today?


Today there are some male world leaders that may get the hearts of some of their female supporters racing. According to the therichest.com, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the hottest world leader around today. If you proof of the admiration of Trudeau, just check out some postings from his female fans, he definitely amongst hot politicians.


Another hot male leader today is Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras. This relatively young young prime minister is only 42 years old right now. He has the Greek charm, confidence and accent that some women swoon over. He also has a charming smile, a nice head of hair and is known to be a very good father. Combine good locks, responsibility and some exotic traits and you have a pretty hot world leader.


A male world leader that has constantly been considered hot is Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin. Although he is significantly older than Trudeau and Tsipras, Putin seems to be a favorite among women. He gives off strength and masculinity and wields tremendous world power.


Some Of The Funniest Nicknames In The Mafia


Organized crime has a way of being funny unintentionally. Here are some hilarious mafia names that come from real life mafia members. Lumpy, Fatty and Fats were real nicknames for mob member John Hartmann. Other funny nicknames include meatball, junior lollipops, the vet, mush and Jimmy Gooch.