Nick Vertucci: A Renowned Motivational Speaker

Nick Vertucci is an inspiration to many people in the United Sates and the rest of the world. Through his book titled Seven Figure Decisions, he provides a personal account on how a change in mindset enabled his to recover from a string of failures. In this book, he urges prospective business people to take calculated risks and set high goals in order to make it big in business.

Nick narrates how he lost everything and reveals some of the fundamental principles that enabled to overcome failure. His mindset and philosophy in life is based on four idea development steps that include; seeing the results you want to achieve, believing in your capability to achieve the set goals, developing your plan to achieve your goal, and finally executing your plan to achieve the desired results. According to Nick, it is these fundamental blocks changed his life from a failure to one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. He insists that goals must be pursued in a passionate and bold manner.

Also, the book contains valuable lessons on how to; change your mindset, overcome fears, reinvent yourself after failure, and discover your purpose in life. The type of mindset suggested by Nick Vertucci can be applied in different career models or businesses. He urges his readers to deal with self-confidence issues and develop the necessary mental strength to endure struggle and hardship. Nick opines in his book that the negativity around you should not in any way prevent your pursuing your goals.

About Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is a real estate guru based in Irvine, California. He has over the years made a name for himself as a passionate real estate trainer and motivational speaker. His real estate company known as The Nick Vertucci Companies is one of the best performing companies in the sector.