The American Institute of Architects: A Foundation of Integrity

     The AIA has built for itself a legacy based on a standard of ethics, quality, integrity, and a dedication to craftsmanship that was designed from the ground up to improve upon a solid foundation, the mission of any good architect. For over 100 years the AIA has been the standard for the architectural world, teaching new and old students of the discipline alike how to master their talents and abilities.

At the helm of this great institution, Robert Ivy is a Master Architect that has put in the time and has the passion and perseverance to lead the AIA onward to a brighter and brighter future that continues to outshine the previous generation. Started in 1857 by a small group of architects pooling their resources, the AIA has become the American standard for architecture, and is recognized for a number of accolades and awards for their contribution to the discipline as a whole.

The American Institute of Architects has helped to create a standard for the designer community that has grown the profession likely far beyond even the dreams of the AIA founders. Trusted and dedicated architects like Robert Ivy have continued a legacy of greatness that after 100 years seems to show no sign of slowing. From teaching new aspiring architects the ropes, to updating seasoned architects with the latest and greatest techniques, materials, methodologies, and technologies, the AIA is THE standard for quality craftsmanship in the United States when it comes to architectural design.

Robert Ivy, the current CEO of the AIA, has been working hard to ensure that the standards and integrity instilled by the founders remains structurally intact, something he has been well trained to do. With his fortitude and professional network of dedicated architects, it seems that there is no limit to the potential of what the AIA can achieve.

There may come a time in the future when it is no longer necessary to regulate and maintain standards among architects. Perhaps in the future all will automatically maintain a level of professional integrity and quality that requires no oversight, until then however, institutions like the AIA will continue to be a vital part of the infrastructure of the discipline or architecture. Designed by designers, the AIA was made to be as long lasting, influential, and functional as the buildings that they help their members design. The AIA has shown us what is possible when we use the highest standards of ethics, acumen, and integrity.

The American Institute of Architects Provides Valuable Help to Architects

     When the American Institute of Architects first got started, they wanted to show people they had high standards for their members. They knew it was important for architects to have something that would help legitimize them so they created the organization to show people what they could do to help others out. They also knew things would continue to get better no matter what they were doing to help people through the different organizational standards they had. It was a big part of what they were working on when they first started and continues to be a big part of what they are currently doing.

Architects who want to be members of the American Institute of Architects have to make sure they are doing everything they can to be as legitimate as possible. They want their architects to be the best they can be so they have set very high standards for all of them. The fact that the institution is one of the most legitimate in the industry helps them make all the right choices on their own. It has given them the inspiration they need to show people what they can do while they are running their own business.

Career-minded individuals are able to take advantage of what the American Institute of Architects has to offer. They know they will be able to make the right choices for their business if they are doing everything possible on their own. Despite the fact the American Institute of Architects was originally part of the different industries, it was something that many people had a chance to experience. For the American Institute of Architects to do this, they had to make sure they were showing others the right path to take on their own. It was also something that gave the American Institute of Architects the ability to show people what they could get from different situations.

As long as the American Institute of Architects was working on its own to help people, they were also helping others have a positive idea of what they could do on their own. The American Institute of Architects tried their best to make things better for those who were working for them so they would have a chance to help others out with all the issues they traditionally faced while they were creating their own career from the business they had as an architect.

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