Evvy’s at-home vaginal microbiome test

Evvy, a new company that has recently been published in the New York Times, has made what seems to be a bold move in the world of personal health. They have introduced the first at-home vaginal microbiome test that leverages metagenomic sequencing technology. The team is composed primarily of women, and their goal is to “provide important services for women.”


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The test measures levels of potential health risks and will only cost about $10. This eliminates the need for doctor’s appointments.

Evvy’s at-home vaginal microbiome test works by swabbing the vaginal canal and sending it through the mail. The company will then sequence the data to detect “important bacteria levels, Lactobacillus, Gardnerella, and yeast.” By doing so, women can take control of their sexual health in a way that was never possible before.

Evvy is breaking boundaries by claiming to offer the first home-based vaginal microbiome test. The test has been pioneered by “a women’s health company and a consumer genetics company.” This is a bold move that could greatly impact the future of sexual health for women.

The $10 fee is much lower than other alternatives, like doctor appointments at $300, representing up to ‘80% of annual health care costs.

Evvy seems to have found a way to do something against the grain of medicine and science.

Learn more about Evvy: https://ideamensch.com/evvy/