How Utility Warehouse Help Customers Save Money Every Month

When Utility Warehouse was introduced to the public in 2002, many experts didn’t know what to expect. While other companies provided a single service, UW chose to offer several different kinds. Since 2002, the company has gone on to develop a network of over 45,000 agents and to win several awards for its unique business concept, its commitment to charitable foundations and its promise to help customers save money on their monthly expenses. 

Utility Warehouse is a unique energy firm that many experts regard as being the first company to provide multiple services in one convenient package. With a market share of a little over 1% of the United Kingdom’s population (650,000), it is the 7th largest energy firm in the country. What makes Utility Warehouse so interesting is that, as opposed to offering one service they offer energy as its main commodity, which can be bundled with home phone, mobile, home insurance and broadband services. 

Consumers have the option of either getting one single service or getting a bundle of different services in an all-in-one package. When users get multiple services from the company, they get various discounts depending on the number of services that they signed up for. 

The company also helps families to lower their energy expenses by highlighting the importance of getting energy efficient appliances as well as to provide free LED bulbs. Interestingly enough, the company goes a step further into helping their customers save money by offering a cashback card which rewards users with a whopping 7% cashback rate. The Utility Warehouse card can be used at a wide range of different online retailers and shops within the United Kingdom. The cashback that users earn gets taken off their monthly bull from UW. The company proclaims that it will continue to help customers save money, because it relies on its agents to generate leads, as opposed to expensive advertising strategies.

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