Jake Medwell Suggests More Organization is Needed in The Freight Industry

Jake Medwell of 8VC is a long time technology entrepreneur who has built and sold several technology based companies that have improved the industry where they are used.

Over the last two years Medwell has been observing the freight industry and believes there are significant improvements to be made. Yes. There are technology tools that track and digitize freight, however, there are still significant problems in management and these problems result in the directives not understanding how modern freight should operate and use a digital freight platform.

Even if customers complete the transactions automatically through a technology tool the freight people still play a role in the process and often they do not have efficient digitized tools. The people doing the work behind the scenes arranging the freight, the trucking, and the warehouse operations do not have efficient technology tools.

Jake Medwell suggests that directives in the freight industry know that there are deficiencies and understand that this lack of organization causes the freight costs to go higher, but most owners don’t know how to solve the problem.

Medwell believes the company he now co-owns, 8VC, a company that specializes in creating technology tools for the industry can help solve these issues by creating a platform to be used across all industries involved in the movement of freight. This would put the drivers, the brokers, the warehouse personnel and the customer all on the same page and would help improve the functionality of the freight industry.

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