Jason Hope´s Belief in IOT Playing a Vital Role in Curing the Aging Process

When it comes to technological trends it almost seems like Jason Hope can see the future. The entrepreneur and futurist’s predictions come to fruition more times and have led to him garnering a good amount of notoriety in the tech business. The Phoenix native Jason Hope is one of the top investors in the area. Though Hope is an individual who is constantly involved in business endeavors he is also very passionate about giving back. 


He has donated funds to several non-profit organizations throughout his career. Jason Hope is truly one of a kind when it comes to his views on the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s no secret that IOT is steadily becoming a daily part of people’s lives. And no one believes in technology more than Jason Hope. According to him, it will change the tech world as we know it in the near future. 


Jason Hope


If Jason Hope is proven right it’ll likely mean that everything is connected. The most beneficial aspect of IOT will be its application to wellness and health. Health related issues will be a lot easier to manage as technology inevitably advances (LinkedIn). 

Jason Hope really stood out for his philanthropy when he decided to donate a substantial amount of money to the SENS Research Foundation. Since he began his involvement with the longevity and anti-aging company his interest in curing the aging process has grown exponentially. Jason Hope states that the company hopes to recreate the fountain of youth by continuing to develop rejuvenation biotechnologies. Though it may seem like a long shot Jason Hope is rarely wrong about the future as it pertains to technology.

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