Meet Graeme Holm: He’s The Founder of Infinity Group Australia, But Also A Veteran Of Finance Who Wants To Help Australians Be Savvy and Successful At Paying Off Their Loans

Graeme Holm is someone who knows quite a lot about finance, but he also cares about helping Australians get their financial matters in order when it comes to loans. Indeed, Graeme Holm and business partner, Rebecca Walker founded the company, Infinity Group Australia in 2013. Infinity Group is now one of the quickest growing companies that are centered on debt reduction in Australia. Infinity Group helps many Australians reduce debt, improve personal finances so that they can secure their financial futures.


Infinity Group Australia Ltd., has received recognition as one of the Most Innovative Companies for 2018 as noted by the AFR (Australian Financial Review). The 100 Most Innovative Companies list, which Infinity Group Australia was part of for 2018, was published in the Australian Financial Review. The AFR reaches approximately 1.8 million readers.


The leading innovation consultancy company, Inventium, not only judged but also compiled a list as well as a panel of experts for the AFR. The submissions were rated on how good that the issues that these companies were trying to address were solved as well as the uniqueness and quality of the solution. This panel of experts also judged these companies based on the impact that these problematic solutions had on the real world. It’s effect on culture, the submission’s strategy and any resources were also considered for this list.


Infinity Group Australia was chosen from 1,000 plus firms located in both New Zealand and Australia as a result of Inventium’s assessment. Infinity Group Australia was ranked 58 of 100 on the lists.


On July 30, 2018, Graeme Holm was honored to receive the award at a very prestigious nightly ceremony. This award was bestowed on him for Infinity Group Australia being on the 2018 AFR Most Innovative Companies List. Graeme Holm’s award epitomizes his zeal for fixing problems in a specific sector of finance.


Indeed, the spark that led Graeme Holm to create Infinity Group Australia was the based on his findings of how bad the status of Australia’s banking and financial situation was for his fellow Australians. Holm ended up turned his disgust with Australia’s financial situation into a significant opportunity to hatch Infinity Group Australia. Graeme Holm’s goal was to work with his fellow Australians by resolving some of Australia’s financial problems. Because Holm is an entrepreneur and also a long-time worker in the banking industry, Graeme felt very obligated to help Australians get the assistance that they desperately needed to repay their short-term and long-term loans.


Mr. Holm has an educational resume that lists the Australian Institute of Business as his place of attendance. Graeme’s educational focus while there was Business Administration. Graeme finished school at Illawarra Christian before he decided to attend college.


In term of his certifications and credentials in the financial milieu, since April of 2016, Mr. Holm has been an FBAA member as well as an individual member and voluntary corporate member of REIQ. Graeme has also been a member of REINSW and holds many mortgage brokering certificates. Learn more:

Victoria Doramus, Marketing Expert and Philanthropist

Victoria Doramus is well a renowned professional for print and digital media. Even though her resume is impressive, currently, Doramus is a self-employed philanthropist. Her credentials include positions such as assistant to Peter Berg, producer/film director and as a writer for the Huffington Post.

Her career has been a rich and rewarding asset for herself and to many companies, she has devoted much time to philanthropy work. Such as volunteering for organizations to help young people stay away from drugs and alcohol.

To help prevent drug addiction, the organizations provide education, support and assist with personal developments of the ones at high risk combating addiction through music. Doramus’ contribution to this charity helps immensely toward reaching the foundations goals.

She helps counsel, support and educate youths at risk, as well as accommodating recovery homes for women. Although these organizations treat the women with addiction problems they do not help them after they are released.

Since studies show that some women could relapse in the first three months, without proper support, Doramus is helping to create foundations to support these women after they are released. Doramus also helps out organizations such as Room to Read, Women’s Prison Association and Best Friends, an animal society.

Victoria Doramus has enjoyed a long a very productive professional career. Still yet, she has done even more as a philanthropist. Her remarkable contributions to philanthropy are wide spread through a number of organizations throughout the world.

According to Crunchbase, most likely her charitable contributions and her career as a philanthropist will continue to help people in very meaningful ways around the world for many more years to come.

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Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is the current Chairman and founder of DAMAC Properties a global property development company based in the United Arabs Emirates. He is among the wealthiest individuals in the world with a net worth of more than $4.1 billion making him the 4th richest Arab.

Hussain is University of Washington graduate who began his career as the Contracts Manager in GASCO. Shortly, he started his own firm before he began his catering venture in 1982. According to a report by Forbes 2017, DAMAC Properties is ranked as one of the fastest growing property companies in the world. The company has an annual growth rate of revenues of more than $1 billion.

According to, Hassain started DAMAC Food Services after he graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Engineering and Economics. The company was so successful that he would later expand into the real estate industry in 2002. Among his early clients were the US military as well as the construction Bechtel.

He shifted his base in Dubai when the Saudi government announced that it would allow foreigners to legally buy as well as own freehold property in designated areas. Following the enactment of the Dubai Freehold Law, he bought land and started to construct a 39-storey residential building.

DAMAC Properties develop luxury residential and office blocks in Dubai. The company has more than 2, 000 employees. It has also developed more than 44, 000 units. In Middle East, DAMAC Properties is viewed as a leading luxury property developer.

It is imperative to note that DAMAC Property does not only develop residential luxury properties but also recreational and commercial developments. It was involved in the development of the Trump International Golf Course Dubai, DAMAC Towers which is Holly-wood-inspired, and the Trump World Course.

Today, Sajwani plays a critical role in the development of DAMAC Properties. Moreover, he still plays a greater role in charity work through the Hussain Sajwani – DAMAC Foundation. His success in life and business is an example of how education and hard work can lead to massive success.

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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel’s Take on Non-urgent Care in Emergency Rooms

The issue of patients going to the emergency room for treatment for non-urgent medical cases has become rampant in Florida. It has become necessary to look at the impact that this practice has on the state of healthcare in the state. An approximate of a third of the American population make up emergency room visits, according to a 2013 survey. This figure includes patients whose medical situations don’t qualify as urgent. Historical data collected over a decade-long period revealed that about 37% of non-urgent care conditions are taken to emergency rooms.

Where the Issue Lies

Emergency doctor, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, is one expert who is speaking about the repercussions that this trend could have. In his time working at the Bixler Trauma & Emergency Center, he has seen hundreds of such situations. Dr. Forsthoefel explains that overuse and misuse of the Emergency Department are due to the poor access that most of these people have to primary medical care. Regardless of whether a medical situation falls on the urgent scale when a patient comes to the ER, the right care will be provided. The problem is that resources are spread too thin when they have to be shared between the urgent and non-urgent cases. When critical medical cases come in, emergency departments find themselves failing to respond to them adequately due to the decreased resources.

Dr. Forsthoefel continues to explain that, even though medical professionals are aware of the challenges that some patients face when accessing medical care, they can’t keep compromising efficiency. When a patient shows up at an emergency room, techs, nurses, doctors, and any other professionals will provide the best care possible, but that takes them away from truly urgent cases. A majority of non-urgent medical situations prefer ER because it promises a shorter treatment time than primary care. For others, the lack of a primary care provider was the motivation. Dr. Forsthoefel is of the opinion that this situation needs a quick and effective solution that will allow emergency departments to be as efficient as they can. One of those is making it less complicated for individuals to access primary care. Some insurance companies like Anthem have instituted a policy where coverage doesn’t extend to non-urgent care in emergency departments. The challenge with this is that it can be difficult to determine the urgent nature of a condition until after examination.

About Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a graduate of the Louisiana State University, getting his degree in 2012 from the School of Medicine in New Orleans. He is based in Tallahassee, working in emergency medicine. Forsthoefel deals with critical care conditions, which entails the diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening acute medical health issues like heart conditions, overdoses, and hemorrhages. He holds an LA state medical license and is certified in emergency medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

Sightsavers Reaches Out to Blind Children in Koraput, India

Sightsavers Reaches Out to Blind Children in Koraput, India

The inability to see has proven to be a challenge to a significant population in India.15 million, out of the 37 million blind people across the world, are in India. Three-quarter of these are avoidable cases, but India has inadequate facilities and lacks enough optometrists and donated eyes vital for eye treatment. Furthermore, due to poverty, only a small percentage of these people attend schools for the blind. This reality causes a never-ending cycle of poverty among a large population of India. This is why Sightsavers began an inclusive education initiative in Koraput, India.


Background Information

Sightsavers is an international organization that works in different countries across the globe. It was launched in 1950 by Sir John and Lady Wilson as the British Empire Society for the Blind. The organization is committed to tackling blindness and empowering the blind to participate in their communities equally. Not only do they treat conditions like cataracts but also finding ways to eliminate tropical diseases like river blindness and glaucoma. The organization works together with governments across the globe to deal with problems related to blindness that includes clean water and education. Sightsavers work in countries like Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia and many others.

National Inclusive Education

Sightsavers has been able to assist both visually impaired and blind children in studying and participating in mainstream education. Blind children can now go to school and read like other children. Through the initiative, teachers also undergo special train to help them address the needs of their visually impaired students. The training program takes about five days. Sightsavers also provide learning assistance through abacus, braille kits, daisy players, and teaching-learning materials (TLMs and tablets). Since the initiative began, more children have enrolled in various education centers with the intention of earning proper academic credentials.



Including children with disabilities in mainstream education, boosts their morale as they see themselves as worthy members of the community. Educating them improves not only their self-worth but also the importance of the society as a whole by eliminating poverty. Today, Sightsavers continues to help prevent blindness in different societies.

Sheldon Lavin: The World’s Best Food Service Leader

If you want a person to step up and help to maintain quality in your food, Sheldon Lavin is the leader to hire. OSI Group has produced the most food over the course of the years. Ranging from advanced department stores to food marts, Lavin makes sure that consumers get the best products for their money. With that on file, OSI Group illustrates exactly what to expect in a food business. A case in point, McDonald’s asked to be in contract with OSI. As the orders racked in, Sheldon Lavin grew stronger as a leader within the company. Increasingly, OSI group maintains employees internationally, which seem to be promoted on a daily basis. Within 17 countries, the practical evidence of great food has exemplified throughout OSI Group’s work.

Located in two countries, OSI Group has taken over China and the United States. Sheldon Lavin believes in testing every product prior to shelving or storing in coolers. The food producers never violate the practice of great food handling and beef safety. OSI Group believes that people around the world should hear about the excellent labor that springs forth from their innovations. Sheldon Lavin knows that OSI works to keep the greenhouse preservation supervised for future endeavors. The forestry work produces clean water and food for livestock. Lately, OSI Group has been researching and moving forward with vegetation in California.

This produces salsa and a chance for Sheldon Lavin to improvise the machinery needed to produce such high grade of food. As a result from all of their hustle, OSI Group has a facility used to process beef and pork only. The facility is located in the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, Sheldon Lavin has been receiving award after award for great work with the use of sterile guidelines. In 2016, Sheldon claimed the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award for best productivity in food service. Today, Sheldon holds the position of the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group.

Earning Income with the Help of Freedom Checks

Being able to earn money from home has always been a challenge. Either you’re dealing with a method that costs a lot of money to get started or you have a job where you are constantly challenged and replaced. This is why Freedom Checks have taken the world by storm and are helping individuals earn supplemental and even long-term income to where they no longer need to worry about financial problems. Freedom Checks have been around for almost a decade and are still one of the most well-known options for those wanting to invest from the comfort of home.

The way that Freedom Checks work is by allowing to choose a company or corporation where you would like to see your investments go. Once the investment has been made, the company will give back a small or large percentage of what is owed to their investors if they make enough in revenue at the end of the year. This can result in a few hundred dollars or tens of thousands of dollars depending on your specific investment. The process is quick, easy and relatively foolproof. In fact, most people who invest in Freedom Checks find that it is ideal for those who have never invested before in their life.

Unlike the stock market that is risky and ever-changing, Freedom Checks allow you to make relatively safe and secured income using companies and corporations that are well-established and able to give back to their investors. To begin the process, you will want to learn more about what these checks are, how to begin investing in a company and how you can begin receiving money back while just sitting at home and waiting for the cash to start rolling in. People have been able to quit their daytime jobs and solely rely on this method of investment because it has been such a huge success. As with any other type of investment, you will need to put some money into it in order to see a return, however, you will be satisfied with the amount you are able to receive from your efforts.

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Nick Vertucci: A Renowned Motivational Speaker

Nick Vertucci is an inspiration to many people in the United Sates and the rest of the world. Through his book titled Seven Figure Decisions, he provides a personal account on how a change in mindset enabled his to recover from a string of failures. In this book, he urges prospective business people to take calculated risks and set high goals in order to make it big in business.

Nick narrates how he lost everything and reveals some of the fundamental principles that enabled to overcome failure. His mindset and philosophy in life is based on four idea development steps that include; seeing the results you want to achieve, believing in your capability to achieve the set goals, developing your plan to achieve your goal, and finally executing your plan to achieve the desired results. According to Nick, it is these fundamental blocks changed his life from a failure to one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. He insists that goals must be pursued in a passionate and bold manner.

Also, the book contains valuable lessons on how to; change your mindset, overcome fears, reinvent yourself after failure, and discover your purpose in life. The type of mindset suggested by Nick Vertucci can be applied in different career models or businesses. He urges his readers to deal with self-confidence issues and develop the necessary mental strength to endure struggle and hardship. Nick opines in his book that the negativity around you should not in any way prevent your pursuing your goals.

About Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is a real estate guru based in Irvine, California. He has over the years made a name for himself as a passionate real estate trainer and motivational speaker. His real estate company known as The Nick Vertucci Companies is one of the best performing companies in the sector.

Alex Pall & Andrew Taggart: Moving Forward as the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers formed in New York city in 2012. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were introduced by mutual friend and manager Adam Alpert when Pall needed a second DJ for his duo. The two were instantly in sync and formed the Chainsmokers. both of them quit their day jobs, Taggart moved from Maine to New York and they began DJing together at home like it was a full time job, often putting in more than 40 hours a week to perfect their style and chemistry.

The two share many philosophies on music, as well as a general taste for music in general. Both view putting out albums similarly: That the album should be more than a collection of songs. They talk concept and plan out their albums before they go into production. When they release a collection of sings, be it an EP or a full-length album, they like there to be consistency to the sound and the theme.

Because of this the Chainsmokers release a lot of singles. They make music pretty consistently and often end up with songs they love but that don’t fit this album philosophy. So rather than try and force them into an album shape or just let them sit they put these songs out as singles, a widely accepted trope for dance music.



On these singles the Chainsmokers let their varied musical tastes fly. Rather than stick to a formulaic dance sound for every song they often mix it up with other musical styles and collaborations.

For their live shows the Chainsmokers see each show like a unique experience. There is a lot of consistency to their shows but they always try and do something unique each night to give the crowd a better experience. After a less-than-stellar live performance at the MTV VMA Awards in 2016 the duo has stepped up their live shows, giving more energy and thought to the performance. They learned from their bad experience and are stepping up their live show game to give their fans a reason to come see them live instead of just buying or downloading their music.

Jeunesse Global Product Review: Nevo and Mind

Jeunesse Company was founded in 2009 as a cosmetics manufacturing company. Later, the company advanced its research and product development in related fields such as nutritional health. It operates within the Youth Enhancement System (YES) ideology where its products are carefully selected to ensure the optimal skincare system of lotions for both topical as well oral applications. Under the YES philosophy, the company has nine categories of functionality and products including those that rejuvenate, restore, defend, beautify, diminish, energize, enhance, and achieve clarity on the skin, general body stature, and performance. Jeunesse has stood for its philosophy with the development of multiple product lines in the market.


One of the company’s signature products is Nevo. Marketed as a nutritional product, Nevo is a caffeinated energy-enhancement drink that is quite exceptional from the rest in the market. Among the improvements that Jeunesse has made in its energy drink is replacing the caffeine extracted from conventional sources with more advanced and well-researched sources such as green tea, guarana plant extract, and Yerba mate plant extracts. Among the core components of the drink include vitamin C, B-3, 5, 6 and 12 which enhance the body’s immunity among other functions.


Nevo is packaged and marketed as canned juice contained in 50-calorie 269ml cans packaged in packets of 24 cans per packet. It also has various varieties of flavors and tastes including lemon ginger, peach mango, acai grape, and mixed berry. It boasts lacking any artificial sweeteners, and therefore safe for consumption by diabetic persons.


Jeunesse also makes Mind, a dietary supplement that is marketed as a brain capacity enhancer. Mind contains enzyme ingredients such as N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, L-Thiamine, and Gamma-aminobutyric acid. These ingredients are considered as vital to the enhancement of the brain to perform better functions related to improved memory, clarity of thought, and increased concentration spans. The core active functional ingredient in Mind is CERA-Q, a protein extracted from silkworm cocoons. CERA-Q is believed to enhance brain functions and memory greatly. The extract is packaged in jell-form and stored in bottles of 30ml and into packets of 30 bottles.