PosiGen: A Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency Company to Watch

When it comes to solar energy and energy efficiency, PosiGen is a company to watch. Founded in 2011, this New Orleans-based company has quickly become one of the leading providers of solar energy and energy efficiency services in the United States. PosiGen offers various services, including home insulation, air sealing, LED lighting installation, and more. 


In addition to its residential services, PosiGen also provides commercial solar solutions for businesses and government organizations.PosiGen offers various energy efficiency services through its three main service lines. Home Energy Efficiency is the company’s largest division, which focuses on providing homeowners with critical information about their homes’ energy use and how they can reduce that usage. The division provides insulation services to clients in New Orleans and surrounding areas, including Baton Rouge and Lafayette.


PosiGen also helps New Orleans residents reduce their homes’ energy usage with its LED Light Bulb Installation service. The Solar Energy Division is the company’s second-largest division. It focuses on providing solar solutions to businesses and government organizations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Virginia and Ohio. PosiGen installs solar panels on rooftops, carports, and parking lots to provide businesses with clean energy through this division. 


The division also installs batteries that allow businesses to store the excess energy they produce during off-peak hours for use at peak times. PosiGen’s third service line is its Commercial Energy Efficiency Division. It focuses on providing residential homes with tools, resources, and information to help them reduce their energy usage. In addition to the PosiGen website, which provides consumers with valuable resources such as a home insulation calculator and a multiple-home assessment tool, Posigen offers mobile apps that allow homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes from anywhere.