Recap: Vik Bansal on the Future of Steel with InfraBuild

InfraBuild CEO Vik Bansal has some thoughts on the future of steel. He believes that the future is sustainable and will be driven by new modular construction and robotics technologies. In an interview with Yahoo! Finance, Bansal said that he would like to see the materials come into place. InfraBuild’s goal is to establish a platform for global exchange and communication around infrastructure needs for decades to come. Vik Bansal says that they are so optimistic with the goals of the company.

In his interview with Yahoo! Finance, Vik Bansal CEO said that he expects to see more new materials in construction, such as carbon fibre and graphene. He also believes that modular construction will play a larger role in the future.

Bansal sees robotics playing an important role in construction as well. He says that he would appreciate seeing the robots being applied in welding, among other onsite tasks.

InfraBuild aims to provide a platform that connects infrastructure professionals from around the world with each other and more information about construction materials. They hope to establish this network of knowledge by 2025, after which they will work towards making it self-sustainable through revenue generated by project fees and advertising opportunities. Bansal believes these goals are possible because InfraBuild can leverage modern cloud computing and mobile devices in its services.

However, they must still navigate challenging political landscapes when working abroad due to varying regulations among countries. The CEO however tells people to be mindful not just of what they do but how we go about doing it.

Vik Bansal is the CEO of InfraBuild, an Australian company that supplies construction materials and services. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry and is a thought leader in the future of steel. He also lectures at universities on the subject.

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