Ryan Kavanaugh, the Brains Behind the Return of MacGruber

Ryan Kavanaugh is the co-owner of TrillerNet. Before the current company, he had founded Relativity Media. He achieved great success with the company he founded in 2004 as he produced around 200 films. Some renowned films under Ryan’s name are Talladega Nights, Mamma Mia, and Atonement. One of the latest projects which Ryan has helped move to the theatres instead of just remaining on TV is MacGruber. The film is mainly important for him because he has been a fan of the Movie since he was a child. Therefore, this is a project that equally excites him to be a part of.

The first time MacGruber was on stage was in 2010 on the Saturday Night Live Stage. Therefore the current venture is a return of the film to the stage, thanks to the contribution of Ryan Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh’s has impacted MacGruber for a long time, both directly and indirectly; he was first involved with the film when Ben Silverman was at NBC Universal as chairman. Therefore when Ben Silverman asked him to come on board for the second film, he did not have second thoughts about it. Lorne Michaels from Saturday Night Live also wanted to be part of the film as he brought his experience as a producer.

The MacGruber storyline had several features to fit a movie, and this is one thing that Silverman and Kavanaugh were able to agree on. He played various roles that helped bring the film back to life. As a team, Ryan Kavanaugh and Ben Silverman put their finances into the Movie and worked on the castings. After that, they partnered with Universal only for co-distribution purposes. Together, they created a MacGruber that brought lots of comedy into the fans’ lives. Generally, the Movie is a parody that brings lots of laughter.

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