Alex Pall & Andrew Taggart: Moving Forward as the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers formed in New York city in 2012. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were introduced by mutual friend and manager Adam Alpert when Pall needed a second DJ for his duo. The two were instantly in sync and formed the Chainsmokers. both of them quit their day jobs, Taggart moved from Maine to New York and they began DJing together at home like it was a full time job, often putting in more than 40 hours a week to perfect their style and chemistry.

The two share many philosophies on music, as well as a general taste for music in general. Both view putting out albums similarly: That the album should be more than a collection of songs. They talk concept and plan out their albums before they go into production. When they release a collection of sings, be it an EP or a full-length album, they like there to be consistency to the sound and the theme.

Because of this the Chainsmokers release a lot of singles. They make music pretty consistently and often end up with songs they love but that don’t fit this album philosophy. So rather than try and force them into an album shape or just let them sit they put these songs out as singles, a widely accepted trope for dance music.



On these singles the Chainsmokers let their varied musical tastes fly. Rather than stick to a formulaic dance sound for every song they often mix it up with other musical styles and collaborations.

For their live shows the Chainsmokers see each show like a unique experience. There is a lot of consistency to their shows but they always try and do something unique each night to give the crowd a better experience. After a less-than-stellar live performance at the MTV VMA Awards in 2016 the duo has stepped up their live shows, giving more energy and thought to the performance. They learned from their bad experience and are stepping up their live show game to give their fans a reason to come see them live instead of just buying or downloading their music.