The Launching Of A Low-Code Platform, Cloud Inventory By DSI Is Seen As The Much-Awaited Light In Businesses


Inventory control has always been a hot topic amongst business people. However, the latest introduction of Cloud Inventory has a massive range of benefits to the leaders in the supply chain. Data Systems International has always been committed to providing the most needed inventory solutions to businesses.

Cloud Inventory has been credited with the provision of robust applications that are aimed at addressing the needs of inventory, manufacturing, warehousing, and field inventory. Additionally, its low-code flow-chart is easily configured making it achievable without hiring experienced and expensive programmers. It has also been established that the platform enhances the performance of the supply chain through its dashboard’s insights.

Field Inventory Management is another area that has massively benefited from the numerous cloud-based innovations of Data Systems International. It has been depicted that robust software enhances inventory control outside the walls of a particular business. This has been credited with increased sales that translate to increased revenue.

Consequently, Field Inventory Management has been praised due to its ability to significantly reduce time to money. Salesforce users have massively benefited from this new invention. It has been established that they can successfully integrate accurate data and field captured on the tools and equipment.

In the quest to help Salesforce users optimize their services in the field, Data Systems International is offering the massive integration of Field Inventory Management. The cloud-based platform enables users to know the correct location and state of inventory and tools in the field on a real-time basis.

On the other hand, Cloud inventory has been credited with providing clear visibility into the authenticity, state, and location of goods from the raw materials to finished goods on a real-time basis. Cloud Inventory does not pay respect to whether the goods are in transit, in the warehouse, or the field. Due to its flexible and low-code platforms, customers have easily adapted to the processes related to the supply chain. Refer to this page to learn more.


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