Vik Bansal Points Out The Australian Manufacturing Sector Can Rise Again Even After The COvid-19.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the supply chain sector has been dramatically affected. Entrepreneurs have experienced low labor turnover, inadequate materials, and closure of shipping terminals and warehouses. The immediate change after the pandemic has forced developed countries to restructure their dependencies, Australia being on the top list. The business world is slowly picking up again, but the losses are still a significant mark to be forgotten. However, Vik Bansal believes where there is a weakness; there is an opportunity. He is the CEO of InfraBuild, which is among the top Australian integrated steel manufacturing, supply, and recycling business.

During the pandemic, Vik Bansal dedicated his time to support businesses and the waste management industry. He encouraged Australia to develop a recycling infrastructure that would translate to a circular economy. He believes the Australian manufacturing industry, with determination it can develop into strength, paving the way for lasting sustainability and self-efficiency.

Late in 2020 Australian Government launched the Modern Manufacturing Initiative, a 1.3$bilion fund purpose to maintain long-term transformation for Australian manufactures. Also, MMI is the top government Modern Manufacturing Strategy meant to bind Australian manufacturing experiences and promote economic repossession and future resilience.

According to Vik Basal CEO, strong domestic manufacturing would increase employment opportunities for individuals. This will help in the development of robust and healthy local societies and economies. A country with outstanding manufacturing abilities has the in-built firmness and lasting sustainability. It creates sustained human abilities and innovative culture, which contributes significantly to other industries of a country.

The Modern Manufacturing Initiative has all it takes to change Australia’s Steel sector both in expressions of its economic productivity and sustainability. Vik Bansal believes a successful manufacturing and steel industry is the top approach to help Australia grow despite the pandemic. Today thousands of Australians depend on the steel industry for employment and economic growth.

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