Are Tieks Worth The Cost?

Tieks are a very trendy and popular ballet slipper. When going to buy a pair you can easily have sticker shock making you wonder if the pair is work the price which starts at one hundred and seventy-five dollars for the solid color pairs and even more if you want the ones with the print design. It is easy to feel that you are just paying for a name brand and that’s it and that there is no real difference between purchasing Tieks and the basic Walmart ballet slipper shoe.

However, after looking at the reviews and the many different blog posts out there you will find that the overwhelming majority of their customers are very happy customers that truly feel that they are well worth the price. Tieks shoes are versatile, long-lasting, and comfortable.

The comfort level is a big factor In the worth of the price due to the fact that a lot of ballet slipper shoes have no padding for a comfort level on the bottom of the shoe. So, a lot of time in your basic ballet slipper shoe if you are walking across gravel, it actually hurts the bottom of your foot and is very uncomfortable. Okay so on to the important stuff where can you get a pair of Tieks? Click here to learn more.

Well, they won’t be at Walmart or Amazon. You can only get them at their online store. Now it is possible if you do your research and are patient you might be able to get them second-hand for a cheaper price through places like Poshmark. There are also Facebook groups where you can sell and buy them as well. There are even some Facebook groups that allow you to trade different pairs back and forth with each other to your heart’s content.


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