Damien Granderson And His Entertainment Law Firm

Mr. Damien Granderson is a founding member of a firm named Granderson Des Rochers. This is an entertainment law firm, which he partnered with Guy Blake to establish. The two met while they were working for another organization. 


The pair collaborated to work on clientele, and their results were excellent. When initiating the Granderson Des Rochers firm, the main goal was to provide their clientele with a squad of qualified and experienced lawyers. Damien Grandersno adds that these experts would extend their proficiency in various fields to help their clientele triumph. 


They wanted to create an organization that could steer all their client’s entertainment deals, which include their music, broadcasts, new technology, mass-market, fashion, and much more. Led by Damien Granderson, the firm is located in New York and has supervised contracts for some of the world’s best musicians. 


The successful and outstanding Entertainment Lawyer Damien Granderson has overseen deals for Nicki Minaj, NE-YO, Balvin, A$AP Rocky, Quality Control, and H.E.R. (Instagram). 


The firm focuses on the long-term goals of its clientele and maximizes everyone’s talent and opportunity that comes their way. The firm has put together and trained a team of up to eighteen law students so they can assist them in working their way up in the industry. Damien Granderson finally adds that the firm’s executive team has five officials who oversee the motion-picture industry, commercial and entertainment finance, mechanization, steering the music culture, and trends and branding.