Dr. Chris Brummer Revolutionizing the Fintech Scene

Dr. Chris Brummer is a man who wears so many hats, from the professor of law at the Georgetown Institute of International Law to the faculty director of the same institution. He also lends his expertise on fintech, finance, and global governance to several nonprofits and policymakers.

FinTech Week.

Besides that, Dr. Chris Brummer also offers his expertise to governments and firms to make them understand how best to react to new developments and navigate any challenges they might be facing from the financial system. That usually places him in a better position to also testify in front of the U.S. and E.U. bodies, a job he does very well.

Furthermore, Dr. Chris Brummer is also an entrepreneur as he is the brilliant mind behind FinTech week. An event that brings together leaders from the financial and regulatory community with those from relevant fields to spark conversations around policy.

Humble Beginnings

Dr. Chris Brummer began his career right after graduating with honors from Columbia Law School and earning his J.D. He also went to further his studies at the University of Chicago and earned his Ph.D. in Germanic Studies.

Shortly after he began working for Cravath, Swaine, and Moore LLP in their London and New York Offices, he worked there for a while till 2011 when he joined Milken Institute at their Washington offices.

And later on, while working at the Atlantic Council, he was awarded the C. Boyden Gray Fellowship for Global Finance and Growth. It was also at this same Atlantic Council that he had launched the Transatlantic Finance Initiative.

Dr. Chris Brummer is also a renowned author and editor of several books, such as Fintech Law in a Nutshell and Soft Law and the Global Financial System.

Even though Chris attributes most of his success to his education prowess, he also works very hard as he says that what one knows can only take them so far, and at one point, their ideas will require action


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