Former chief Economist of the SEC thoughts on Online Trading Academy

A proper financial education allows retailer traders and investors to make informed and intelligent decisions that will help them to remain financially stable. As a former chief economist of the SEC, no one understands this more than Dr. Jefferey. H. Harris. A large percentage of retail traders and investors never receive the education required to trade and invest with confidence in a variety of market conditions. Dr. Jefferey. H. Harris has sought to efficiently expand the availability of a quality financial education for all. Dr. Jefferey H. Harris stands behind the financial education offered at the online trading academy. After reviewing the school virtually classes, course material and the school’s trading platform called Clik, the former chief economist of the SEC is sure that Online Trading Academy is offering the highest quality Financial education.

Retail traders or investor that are seeking to expand their financial knowledge should be cautious about where they invest their time and money. Not all methods of trading or investing are sound. Some methods of trading or investing are based on hypothetical possibilities. When investing time and money into one’s education, the last thing a student wants is to waste their time learning to trade and investing methods that are inefficient in the real world. Clik, the Online Trading Academy platform that can be used for analysis, allows retail traders and investors to trade and invest with confidence in their methodology. Clik allows retail investors to view calculated numbers behind future trade possibilities and organizes all of the information in a user-friendly interface. Online Trading Academy has been around for over 20 years, retail investors and traders can feel confident building an education here.

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