Loretta Kryshak’s receives recognition for her black-and-white photo

Loretta Kryshak has recently earned an honorable mention for her photography. The Monochrome Awards gave the honorable mention. Loretta Kryshak lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has worked for multiple different companies throughout her career. She has done many things for her community as well. Loretta Kryshak is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has helped her community in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic by starting a mask campaign. The United Way gave the mask effort an award.

The Monochrome Awards are dedicated to black and white photography. They offer a chance for both professional and amateur photographers to showcase their work. The Monochrome Awards offer multiple categories for photographers to enter. The contest also allows for a wide variety of different techniques to be used when submitting work. The contest offers awards and cash prizes for the winners.

Loretta Kryshak’s black and white photograph for the Monochrome Awards focuses on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Her subject matter for the photo was empty theatre seats. It shows how the pandemic affected the theatre industry. She hopes that her photographs tell stories. She has journeyed around the world, taking photographs of everyday life.

To see what she has been up to, visit: https://lorettakryshak.medium.com/mkelifestyle-honors-loretta-kryshak-rebel-reform-5c3e426afaa4