Marwan Kheireddine and His Importance in Shaping Lebanon’s Banking Sector

Marwan Salim Kheireddine is the chairman and CEO of AM Bank. AM is a leading commercial bank that operates out of Lebanon.

From 2011 to 2014, Marwan Kheireddine served as minister of state in the Lebanese government. He was a major player in essential economic and financial matters during that time.

Due to his banking background, he was able to push for the support of instituting policies that protected Lebanon’s banking sector; this helped strengthen its abidance to international laws and norms.

Marwan Kheireddine was the major force that led to the drafting and securing government’s approval of the following:

  • The Capital Markets Law
  • The Cross-Border Cash Limitation Law
  • The updating of the Anti-Money Laundering Law

Kheireddine has always been a strong believer in the endowment of the private sector with the necessary rights and powers to promote the economy. Due to his strong beliefs, he was a major driving force in supporting the creation of Banque du Liban Circular 331.

Banque du Liban is a regulation formed by financing entrepreneurs to promote sustainable economic growth. Banque du Liban works by allowing and incentivizing financial institutions to invest in technology startups as well as venture capital funds.

From 1993 to 2013, Marwan Kheireddine served at the American University of Beirut as a finance lecturer. He has been elected to serve on the Association of Banks in Lebanon board on several occasions.

Today, he is present among the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies board members. This organization is largely known for initiating advocacy initiatives for judicial reform, transparent budget process, and local governance.

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