Payam Banazadeh Lessons After Failure

Several years ago, Payam Banazadeh, a very talented engineer, had a very low moment in his life. The engineer hit his rock bottom emotionally, physically and mentally. Even with a great career and a business performing, Payam still got to the place he had never imagined before. This was the first time such a thing was happening in the life of the engineer. The executive sat himself down and faced the issues that had brought these low moments in his life. Years later, Payam looks back and states that these moments of his life made him create the big plan that has helped him to survive in this past year. If the aerospace expert had not experienced the hard moments in his life, he would be dealing with worse problems three years later. When handling the crisis in his life, Payam Banazadeh wrote down the lessons he had learnt and how he could protect himself from landing into such situations in his future. At first, Payam did not want to share his pain and lessons with other members of the society. Later on, the executive decided to publish the memo for other people to learn and embrace whatever is coming their way. The business guru bounced back better and in a bigger way because of the actions he took. 

The greatest and most important lesson from Payam Banazadeh’s hard time was accepting that bad situations can still lead you to good and better situations. People can rebuild their lives by starting to connect all the dots in their lives and dealing with issues in a better way. You will realize that there were patterns and several behaviors that contributed to the bad experience. Don’t deny the mistakes you have made because that will not help you in the long run. Accepting that you have played a role in putting yourself in a hard position is what will make all the difference

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