Prolific Entrepreneur Ron Gutman

Ron Gutman is an inventor and entrepreneur recognized worldwide for his contributions to the fields of technology and industry. He today is best known as the Founder and CEO of Axon. As a lecturer at Stanford University, Ron developed a powerful learning tool to help students in the classroom. Axon was created from this experience when Ron teamed up with two other Stanford students. 


  1. Experience


Ron Gutman is highly experienced in all aspects of the entrepreneurial life cycle and starting companies. He is a prolific entrepreneur, having started six companies in his career, two in the high technology area, including Axon, and two in areas focused on “green” technologies. He has been the driver behind these start-ups, providing the financial and intellectual capital necessary to get them going. In addition, Ron has run numerous small businesses, including restaurants and retail clothing stores.


  1. Awards and Accomplishments


Ron Gutman has been recognized as an entrepreneur and inventor in several different areas. He has received more than 20 patents from the USPTO, including four recently issued patents in data analytics for the automotive industry. He has been recognized as the “Inventor of the Year” in designing and teaching interactive classroom learning environments by the International Society of Technology Management. 

He was also recognized as one of America’s Top 5 Most Promising Young Inventors by “Invention & Technology” magazine. Ron Gutman is a great investor who has made it a tradition to give back to the community. He focuses on making our world a better place through business and innovation. He loves to solve problems and find a solution. He is an inventor at heart and loves inventing new things and trying new concepts.