Relaxing at the Beaches with Andrew Lazarus

An iconic location in Newcastle now belongs to a man who once stated that he would do everything possible to get his hands on it.

The place: The Beach Hotel Merewether, and the man:

Andrew Lazarus. Lazarus has always been successful in business.

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He has impeccable insight into the types of venues people will enjoy frequenting, which is why the Beach Hotel Merewether was in his sights.

The famous pub, known to locals as “the Beaches,” had been a popular venue in the Newcastle area for over forty years.

That is when the Andrew Lazarus family, well known in the hospitality industry, began eyeing the locale to add to their growing list of venues.

They had previously acquired venues like the El Toro Hotel, where you can find the trendy Goodtime Burgers Restaurant and their amazing Juggernaut Burger.

Now, The Beaches was next on their list.

The Lazarus family had been thinking about acquiring the Beach Hotel Merewether off and on for years until Lazarus finally stepped in and made it happen.

Andrew Lazarus sealed the deal in December of 2019.

In most acquisitions, the Lazarus family would immediately set to renovate the properties to meet the standards of their venues.

In the case of such an iconic and loved pub, however, Lazarus decided to take the time to speak to the community before they moved forward with any major decisions.

With the beautiful brick building Art Deco property overlooking a scenic surf beach, the Beach Hotel Merewether had expected to fetch a hefty price of more than twenty million dollars.

For Lazarus, this icon in Newcastle is a dream come true for his family, and he plans on making sure it remains everyone’s favorite place to be.

The Beach Hotel Merewether is open to the public, 99 Frederick Street, Merewether New South Wales 2291.

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