Robert Bull Says By Bringing Tim Simmons On Board, He Wants To Change The Face Of RoyaleLife

“Bringing people, the likes of Tim who have the right experience, talent, and commitment is the only way we’ll ensure that RoyaleLife is headed in the right direction. While Tim is the first to come to the top management, he will not be the last,” said RoyaleLife’s CEO Robert Bull when welcoming Tim Simmons as RoyaleLife’s Business Development Director. Mr. Simmons has huge experience working in the United Kingdom’s diverse real estate industry. The man started his work when he had just graduated from college. Then, his first job was a negotiator who on behalf of his clients brokered several real estate deals in Weymouth and environs. From such humble beginnings, Tim would later be appointed CEO when he worked with Humberts.

Speaking to former colleagues at Humberts, Robert Bull said of Tim, “Colleagues at his former job praised Tim as a man with reputation. He has leadership qualities and has the ability to transform a company into something big. Given a chance, Tim will deliver positive results within the stipulated time, even ahead of schedule.” Robert Bull added that he is convinced Tim will be the right person who will not only provide quality customer relations but also give clients, who in this case are in their later life valued customer service considering their age and state.

Robert Bull RoyaleLife has been named one of the United Kingdom’s programs that not only understands the needs of those who have attained 45+ years but also delivers its promises of quality royal life for those in their seemingly weak years. For many years now, RoyaleLife has gone to the books of history as the leading firm in the UK that offers those in their later years hope and quality life in the firm’s luxurious bungalows that do not have many hurdles in a gated community.

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