The Inspiring Work of Jaden Garza and Nomad Internet

RV parks did not always have exceptional internet coverage, making the RV lifestyle challenging for those that worked remotely.

Jaden Garza worked hard to supply these types of homes with coverage.

He realized the power of LTE technology and offered high-quality internet to travelers across the country through his company, Nomad Internet.

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Freeing Digital Nomads

During the COVID-19 pandemic, workers that began working at home realized that they could work from anywhere, a boon to Nomad Internet.

After an installation led them to develop an LTE internet service for mobile homes, the company continued to impress mobile parks with incredible internet coverage at unbeatable prices because of their technological advantage.

Still, they reasoned they could next advance their business by offering internet directly to the digital nomads they were serving themselves.

Early 2020 saw the shift happen for Jaden and his firm because of the new, increasing numbers of full-time RV workers during the pandemic.

The result was that Nomad ballooned from its humble home workspace to a dedicated office building with lovely walking spaces and outdoor meeting areas. Next, Nomad continued its growth with its no contract, no credit check, and seven-day trial period offering.

Through its referral program, where customers get a free month of service for each referral culminating in free service for life with the fifth referral, the company has seen more growth than ever before.

Nomad offers two distinct router options besides letting customers use their own, and customers can choose various paths to boost their signal.

The two options include a larger unit with a better signal and a more compact choice that is best for those with less room.

Beyond Digital Nomads

Rural internet is another inspiring facet of Nomad.

Rural internet is taking a leap under Nomad’s direction, though it was before often noted only for its inferior features.

With merely a cell signal, rural customers can easily use high-speed internet.

With outstanding foresight, Nomad envisions the continued growth of mobile work, and its technology will allow it to continue to flourish.

Without the work of those like Jaden Garza, the world would stay trapped in the rat race, but with his work, the world has taken up the fight in the disparity between rural and urban communications possibilities.

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