The Lasting Impact of Andrew Alexander

Andrew Alexander and Seconed City

Andrew Alexander has long been a co-owner and lead operator for the legendary Second City, an improvisational comedy empire he largely built. Andrew Alexander took control of the Toronto location of Second City in 1974 at a time when the location was in dept and failing. He subsequently began the rise of the Second City empire by producing live theater shows, and eventually creating The Second City Entertainment Company which was the film and TV production branch of Second City. After building up Second City Andrew Alexander lead the company both in Toronto and Chicago for over 40 years until he stepped down in 2020.

Andrew Alexander’s Legacy

As co-owner and lead operator of The Second City Entertainment Company for over 40 years, Andrew Alexander built a lasting legacy in the world of entertainment. Alexander helped launch the career of numerous well-known comedic entertainers including Dan Aykroyd, Martin Short, Stephen Colbert, and many others. Andrew Alexander also produced and developed many shows and films most famously Second City TV which over its run would win 2 Emmy Awards and be nominated for 13 more. On top of the over 150 hours of TV comedy, he produced for SCTV he also developed and produced shows across major TV networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and a litany of others. Whether it’s from his work producing for the stage, or for TV and film, through the comedic entertainers he helped build or just for helping Second City build an empire, Andrew Alexander will have a lasting impact on comedy and entertainment forever.

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